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  1. I re-posting this because I put it in the wrong forum. Anyway, I'm looking for purchase a new fiberglass fishing boat, but having a tough time finding a suitable model. Basically, I'm looking for one under 20' (18.5' to 20' max; 19' optimal), prefer a deep-v with a walk-through windshield, can clear a standard-height garage and be able to accommodate 9' fishing rods. Is there such a beast, or am I SOL? -Gregg B.
  2. steffanf

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    46" caught back on 7/29. Action has been pretty good lately, so I didn't get a chance to post until today. I had just bought a new Beckman musky net from Thorne Brothers the day before. I was getting tired of scooping up big fish with an inadequate net. That said, it still is not easy landing a big fish on your own, but I think I'm discovering a working technique. Ignore the goofy face in the first pic... I was struggling to lift the thing...
  3. Airjer... you have to tell me more about this disk. How could something like this possibly work without damaging the paint? Using a drill? Do you have a picture of this and a 3M part number?
  4. What is the best way to remove vinyl stick-on stripeing from a car without ruining the paint? This would not only be for something like pinstripes, but also for large wider (4-6"+) sport striping. Would something like Goo-gone work without affecting the paint finish?
  5. steffanf

    Clearcoat application to lures

    So, I guess there really is nothing out there on the market. It sounds like I would have to come up with something home-made. I have used Enviro-Tex before and the results were OK. However, there was alot of run-off and thinning of the clear-coat when I just hung the baits to dry.
  6. steffanf

    Best Bucktail Rod

    Everyone is different... I say go with a G Loomis 25 Steel in 8' with the longest handle you can get. It's a very lightweight blank, yet can still handle the big blades nicely...
  7. To all of you that make your own wood or plastic hard baits... how do you apply resin clear coat to your homemade lures? I use an epoxy-type clearcoat, but find it is nearly impossible to keep it on the lure before it completely dries. Is there some kind of slow-moving lure turner out there so the clear-coat can fully cure without running or dripping?
  8. steffanf

    Sevylor Fish Hunter 360

    Post some pictures as well... might be interested on how it all looks now...
  9. steffanf

    Glare and digital photos

    Yes... very Greek! I have 3 pictures I took that will e-mail over to you. It would be great and much appreciated to see what you could do with them.
  10. steffanf

    Four Stroke planing problem???

    Thanks, m_m. That gives me some confidence that I'm OK...
  11. steffanf

    Four Stroke planing problem???

    That's kind of what I thought... everything seems to be OK. With the current prop I have on now, I have no problem getting up on plane. The top-end speed looks good too (no speedometer, so not exactly sure). I just want to make sure it's not running incorrectly at just the 5400-5500 RPM that I get now.
  12. I am a bit new to this, so bear with me. Is there a way to enhance a digital photo to remove glare off the water? I ask this because I took a picture of a fish (which I saw easily with my polarized sunglasses), but when I looked at the image I took with the camera, there was too much glare. There probably is some kind of polarized lens that can be used on a camera, but what can be done AFTER the photo is taken?
  13. steffanf

    Sevylor Fish Hunter 360

    As far as displaying the registration numbers, just get some 1/2" or 3/4" plywood, cut to the length and width of the numbers, paint and apply numbers, and then affix some screw eyelets to the top edge. Then all you need to do is run the side rope (already on the raft) through the eyelets and you're done. Repeat this for both sides, of course. As far as anchors are concerned, it's a matter of preferrence. I will say that this raft has no keel and it will blow around all over the place, even in a light wind. If it is absolutely prevalent that the boat not move around while anchored, you may want to get a couple anchors. A couple small mushroom anchors should be all you need.
  14. steffanf

    Four Stroke planing problem???

    This got me thinking. I have a 2007 Merc. 4-Stroke. According to my owners manual, my motors max. RPM range is at 6000. It also says that WOT should be 5500-6000 RPM. Now, I run right at 5400-5500 RPM at WOT. Would one think I need to change out my prop (I.E. to gain that additional 500-600 RPM)?
  15. steffanf

    Two Batteries

    I do like to do alot of trolling at times. That said, I knew that sometimes I used up more than 50% on a series 27 deep cycle trolling all day. So, I fitted my boat with 2 series 27 deep-cycles... that in addition to the starting battery for a total of 3 batteries in my boat. Also, my boat is only 14'9" and I have no excessive boat weight issues, so I guess it depends on your situation.