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  1. Chara is a branched algae. If you grind it with your fingers it should give you a musky odor. Make sure you have identified it correctly. There are some good sites on the web with descriptive photos. I am assuming you purchased Hydrothol 191? Depending on how big of an area you treated and the water depth you may have been under the dosage rate needed to control the chara. What are the dimensions of the treatment area? how deep is the water 1/2 way out and how deep is it all the way out? How much chemical did you put in that area? You can figure out the acre feet of your treatment area and get to the right dosage rate. 100' X 100'/ 43,560(feet in a acre)gives you surface area of .229 acre. If your average water depth is 5 feet you would have 5 X .229 = 1.14 acre feet. The label will tell you how much product to apply to control your target plant. Apply in the morning on a sunny day with little wind. If you made the application under the cover of darkness it will not be as effective. If the 191 isn't doing the trick try using a crystal form of copper sulfate (CuSo4). Much more economical. And can control the chara effectively. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL CAREFULLY!!! and stay within the label dosage rate.
  2. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/permits/water/index.html
  3. I gave my 5 yr old daughter a citca spinning reel. The $29.99 one and an ugly stick. She can cast great and it is smooth. The snoopy rod was like grinding frozen meat in a meat grinder. That set up is so much better for reeling in larger fish.
  4. I saw a live sucker minnow once that had a weight on its back I think the guy used a needle to put a string under the dorsal. He said he had been using the same minnow for about 3 weeks. It was a pretty big minnow. I didn't get a close look at it because it was in the water. Does any one have a photo or know where there might be a diagram. Thanks
  5. Stiff thanks for the info. I will keep my eyes on hsolist. I suppose I could find some ice tongs there also. Does anyone know where I can find directions for putting a harness on a sucker minnow? Thanks p.s. it is nice to post about spearing without getting attacked
  6. I have had the exact same one for 4 Years. It is plenty of HP. My buddy has the strikemaster lazer. that cuts faster but is heavier and more$. If I was going to do it over I might go that route because weight is not an issue for me.
  7. I like the decoys with the bendable back fin. Then I can adjust the width of the circle. The ones I have with the "fixed" tail seem to swim very tight circles. How tight do these swim? Thanks
  8. Stiff, In your original post that started this thread. The 2nd decoy from the top. I have one exactly like that. It is my favorite decoy. Or it was, the front fins broke off and I dont know how to fix or where I can get another one. It was actually my father's who taught me how to spear 25yrs ago when it would take me 2 hrs to chop a hole. (I recently tried the ice saw and that thing is amazing) When I get time I love to stare into the aquarium. Where did you get that one -the red and white? Also does any one know of where I can get my hands on some plans for a dark house? I met a guy north of grand rapids that had a sweet permanant. Hole in the middle and chairs on each side. Great set up if one of my kids want to watch for a few minutes. Any info would help. Thanks
  9. Unless you are with him "party hunting" it is illegal. (party hunting means you are hunting with him at the same location and time, he can shoot a deer and use your tag). Personally I wouldn't shoot one for someone else unless there was a serious overpopulation of deer in my area.
  10. Please do not go to the Communication Center in Richfield. Pain and suffering there
  11. I personally have had problems with their products. LX-3 and their camera. They have always corrected the problem
  12. I used to fish that lake a lot. I haven't been there for 6 years. (kids) I used to spend weeks at a time there when I was younger. I stayed at the resort there. (late 80's) There is whole plate full of places to go. I would usually fish walleye till 11:00am then cast around the islands for pike. And there are plenty of big pike in there. Don't be suprised if they start grabing your walleyes as you reel them in. I saw that several times. There is a sunken rock island out in the middle of the lake that is only a few feet deep. Extremely hard to find. Maybe the resort would have gps coord. for you but I kinda doubt it. The only thing I would use for eyes is a jig with a chartruse plastic tail tipped with a minnow.(minnows may be hard to come by up there) If you are there for a week or so check out the small lake up the bay by the resort away from the main lake. You will need to bring a canoe and climb over a beaver dam but there are some very large walleye in there. Crystal clear. Not many fish but huge. If I had a map I could give you a plenty of spots but I don't have one. Be careful there are a lot of sunken rocks around.
  13. thanks guys, that helps alot. 5# sounds about right. (Contact Us Please) strong fish, what a blast to catch. The best part about it is that I caught it right off my shoreline. Kids playing on beach and me fishing. The same spot I caught the 20.5" I would post a picture but I don't know how.
  14. red bricks

    fish size chart

    I have been searcing for a size/chart that gives weights for Bass caught and released. I caught a 19.5" bass, very thick, last weekend and I don't have any Idea of the approx. weight. I caught a 20.5" also but it wasn't as Thick as this last one. any ideas??
  15. In December 2004 I bought a new OVS 560 camera spent $599 at the same time I bought a new LX-3 spent $399. I went with the Marcum products mainly because of all the great experiences people at this site have had with their products. The first trip out The lx went bad. I called Marcum and they replaced the transducer quickly no problem. The second trip with the 560 camera it went bad. They said send it back. I did. For some reason they were unable to fix my camera and would have to wait until the new 06's arrived to replace mine. They even sent me another camera to use while I waited. They only had defectives ones in stock so the one I got was at about 80% functional. I still have not recieved my new camera yet. Marcum said that they would be sent this week. I have not seen it yet. Hopefully soon. I am a little peeved beacause it seems like there is some stock available in stores right now and I guess I am a little lower on the priotry list. I get out fishing about 3 maybe 4 times a year if I am lucky. I try to buy the best equiptment available so I don't have to sit on the ice frustrated. I spent over a grand on the ovs and the lx-3 and both failed. I am batting 1000. The customer service is great and they will replace their stuff as quickly as they can. It would be nice if they paid for the shipping costs both ways. Anyways I spent a grand and I never had both pieces of equiptment working at the same time. When the stuff works it is great. But I regret buying them both. Just because having great equiptment half the time is worse the having lessor equiptment that works all of the time. I think I am going back to the FL-18 That always worked. In recent days there has been several posts about people who are having problems with their Marcum equiptment. Always there is a quick response from someone on how great their stuff is and how their problems will get fixed by Marcum quickly. True. Marcum customer service is qreat and they will fix it quickly. With my personal experience and from the other problems I have read on this site I cannot understand why Marcum keeps getting raving reviews from the "staff" on this site. Why keep recomending products with such a high failure rate? Just read the post from all th FMers that have had or are having problems.
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