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  1. Griggs

    When to Bomb the Depths

    I've fished the Strike King 6XD and I really like it. I've also used the Norman deep diver. I'm not sure the model name but it says it dives 11-17'. I have typically used them in the mid summer months, late June, July and August. RK made some good points about early deep fish though. I think it's more likely that they will be "off the edge" more so in later summer. But deep weed edge, being relative, is good now too.
  2. Griggs

    drop shot rod

    I would check out the Cabelas Tournament ZX Dropshot rod. They are on sale right now for $69 and I promise they will be as nice as anything twice that price. Match it with your favorite medium size reel that's in your budget and your good to go. There are even a few combo's on their HSOforum.
  3. Griggs

    Why Fish "Deep" in Summer

    Awesome conversation guys. I started fishing deep a couple of years ago. I've only run into a really active school a couple of times. That said, I always feel better out on main lake structure because I feel like the potential for some serious bass is there. I've been waiting for the deep bite all spring. I can only imagine it's here. How's everybody been doing out deep so far?
  4. Griggs

    Brandon Palaniuk - Cabelas Rogers, MN 4/12/14 at Noon

    Cool! I wish I would have known sooner though
  5. Agreed. If you want to fish deeper structure, you'll want the structure scan. It makes finding rocks and hard bottoms easy
  6. Griggs

    Any recent reports from Mille Lacs ??

    Cool thanks!
  7. Griggs

    Any recent reports from Mille Lacs ??

    How deep were the rocks?
  8. Griggs

    Deep weed edge

    Awesome discussion! I'm also using structure scan for the first time this season. I got it to try to improve my deeper fishing. The best thing for me has been throwing buoys out when I see something that looks good. This way I have something to actually cast to. Just remember, when you see it on your SI its already behind you. So you have to throw the buoy out a ways behind you. I still have a ways to go, but I feel like its helping already
  9. Griggs

    Dead spots from dog

    I have the same issue. My sod is about 3 years old. Do I need to cut out the dead sod first?
  10. Griggs


    Actually DWI checkpoints are not legal in Minnesota... Just throwing that out there =)
  11. Griggs

    Banff - Jasper Trip

    Awesome photos of such an awesome place! My wife and I had our honeymoon there. It is such an amazing and beautiful place. I really need to get back there asap
  12. Griggs

    Shimano Baitcaster Question

    If you are refering to the brakes you should have some extras in the box.
  13. Griggs

    season so far

    Quote:When reading fishing reports online (at least where photos and measurements are not present), it's useful to remember this simple formula: A=S-(S x .25) A= actual weight S= Stated weight So, a bass of "five pounds" would be 5-(5 x .25), or 3.75 pounds. Disclaimer: This post was made in good fun and is not designed to imply that anyone is lying or that any fisherman would ever embellish the size of fish caught. Void where prohibited. Your mileage may vary. Do not remove this tag under penalty of law. Haha! Ok now I feel better ! =)
  14. Griggs

    season so far

    Who are you people? Only a few in the 4-5 range? I've had a few over 3 lbs but thats it. I'll pay $$ if you can show me how catch a 4+ on a lipless crank! =)
  15. My brother and I are all signed up, here's to a great summer of fishing!