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  1. I am thinking about hunting Ripley this year and may be looking for a partner.Where are you from?
  2. You can also microwave them.Add seasoning if you like and put in microwave and cook till they turn white and start to flake.Only takes a few minutes for a few fillets.Your probably thinking the same thing I was when someone told me this but you would be surprised on how well this works.
  3. Do you guys reuse your oil and if you do do you have to refridgerate it and how long will it keep.What kills me is spending $20 for oil to cook a $5 bird.I usually try to get a few people together and do 2-3 birds then pitch the oil.
  4. Ole Is that oven sausage pretty good?It looks similar to the recipe that was in the Sunday paper a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Sounds like you disconected the slide cable but if you hooked it back up right you should be able to feel it moving when you press on the throtle.You can try pulling the plugs and puting a little gas directly in each cylinder and replace plugs and see if it will fire.If you cant get it going I could take a look at it.I live near Elk River.Might save you some money.
  6. My guess is you dont have gas in the carb bowls yet.Check the plugs are they dry.If they are dry keep full choked and start pulling.Ive never had wd-40 foul the plugs.Try it it works.You can also spill a little gas in each cylinder and see if it fires.
  7. WD-40 or spray loose is flamable enough to start an engine and is milder than starting fluid and gives the cylinders a little lube.
  8. Yup sounds like dirty carbs.They are pretty easy to clean and leader gave some good advice.To make it easier to prime the fuel pull the plugs and choke then pull till lines fill.Then what I do is give each cylinder a shot of wd-40 replace plugs and it should fire up.
  9. rmh2o

    Opening Move

    Midnight on Mille Lacs the wife and I will be watching the stars shine (I hope) and the slip bobbers glow.
  10. Take a look at the Cannon A95 it is a 5mp and is very highly rated and would be in your price range if bought online.Do a search on PC World or epinions.
  11. rmh2o

    Temp ice house?

    Here is what the regs say after the date when ice or fish houses or shelters must be removed portable shelters may be placed on the ice and used from one hour before sunrise to midnight
  12. I realize what he was saying but I just dont think it will solve the problem.The way he explains his driving habits and the way the machine is running I would suspect that when he pulls the plugs they look real black and wet.If this is the case stepping down a jet size wouldnt be a problem.Factory jets tend to be a little rich and that is OK as most people run them hard and dont have a problem.But like I said before it is always a good idea to get a mechanics opinion if you are not sure.It would be nice if he would post back.
  13. Im not sure if you figured out your problem yet but I cant see how trying to slow the machine down is going to make it run better.Sleds nowdays are built to perform well out of the box.Before you stated you had your carbs cleaned and if thats not the problem then I would highly recommend you call your dealer and explain your problem and ask them about rejeting.They will be able to tell you if your engine was prone to having rich jets from the factory.When you pull your plugs are they real wet and does your engine sometimes backfire?Changing jets is easily a do it yourself job.
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