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  1. snowfighter

    2015 Polaris etx Problem

    Have 2015 Polaris ETX with 128 miles bought new last spring with intermittent problem , Wife was driving slow on trail and it shut off like you turned the key off . She said it took 4 try's to restart. This past weekend when she shut it off after running for some time(warmed up) on the trail it wouldn't start until about the 4th try. After that I shut it off and restarted it. It did the same thing wouldn't start until the 3rd or 4th try. When I turned the key on and the pump for the for the fuel injection would cycle and then seemed like it would drop out and recycle again without touching the key on and off after that it started again. wondering if anyone would have any information on this. I had it to the dealer but if its not doing it at the present time they can't figure it out.
  2. snowfighter

    Honda 25 hp(normal?)

    Thanks for all the information, Seems I shouldn't be left stalled in the lake.
  3. snowfighter

    Honda 25 hp(normal?)

    I can live with it, was just checking to head of something happening on the lake. This is the 3rd Honda I have had through the years, had a 50 and 90 both had chokes this one has the electric enrichment system so was just wondering about it.
  4. snowfighter

    Honda 25 hp(normal?)

    Didn't try that much, I know when it was first started up it would do a little of that(cold) but when I was running on the lake for 1/2 hour it seemed the response was ok when stopping an starting different times. I didn't jump on it but gave pretty good throttle. What are you looking at for problem if it was hesitating?
  5. snowfighter

    Honda 25 hp(normal?)

    I may of not stated clear. I ran it for a half hour on the lake so it was warmed up, it only sat couple minutes before trying to start motor to load up, so was still warm. Cold it started with throttle on start but warm it wouldn't until I advanced throttle. I maybe just use to fuel injection.
  6. snowfighter

    Honda 25 hp(normal?)

    Bought a 2007 Honda 25 (carbed) Change all the fluids and plugs fresh gas, took it out for a trial run. Set handle to start, started good, after a little warm up run around the lake slowing, trolling, reverse, etc. After 1/2 hour and no problems went in to put it on the trailer, shut down motor got trailer ready, but when I put handle on start again it would fire once and kick out. So after about 6 try's I advanced the throttle just slightly and it started and ran, shut off and tried again on start same thing so repeated the throttle advance started again. I maybe just use to fuel injection I had before or is this a sign of something not right?
  7. snowfighter

    Will coyotes impact deer movement

    I think when you put a pack of coyotes on the hunt it will rearange them for awhile. Point being about 15 years back on my stand early morning I could hear coyotes getting closer first 2 deer(does) darted by my stand then 3 coyotes in hot pursuit.Even had 2 dogs one year chase a spike buck out to me, that is the only time I have every had a shell misfire but the dog dropped down when he heard the click.
  8. Go back to the old days. 9 day season every other year either sex.
  9. snowfighter

    Wood turning yellow/golden

    X2- Did my second home in a lot of pine, white at first then turned through the years, Make sure where you hang pictures and stuff where you want them because when you move them it will be white behind.
  10. snowfighter

    Using Trail Cam when it gets cold

    Don't know your brand but the moultrie I have I put solar panel chargers on them and problem solved.
  11. snowfighter

    Managing Anchor Rope

    8x12 piece of plywood or bigger depending on amount of rope with v's cut in each end wrap it up to the anchor.
  12. snowfighter

    MN AIS sticker!

    I knew it when it was proposed awhile back there will be a FEE, and looks like yearly.( Hey we could charge a fee and make some more $$$)What a bunch of @##$%$$##@
  13. snowfighter

    How much longer do we have on the ice?

    It all depends on mother nature.Last year the first part of march I thought we would be fishing into april easy with the good ice we had but it heated up and didn't make it through march
  14. snowfighter

    new Mn anti gun law proposal™™™™

    [ I will also say that people who believe they have to carry a weapon on them at all times and need to own assualt weapons do scare me some. Boyscouts Always be prepared!
  15. snowfighter

    new Mn anti gun law proposal™™™™

    Politicians and Laws what pops into my mine GIVE A INCH TAKE A MILE!