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  1. Not sure how much Tuffy would be willing to negotiate. They seem like a niche boat company and probably build most of their boats to fill orders, unlike Tracker. But maybe a mom and pop company is more willing to budge on pricing, depending on their economic climate. Let us know how it goes, be interesting to hear some follow up on your negotiations.
  2. Was there for the opener. Only the second time in five years I have been there, camped on Namakan. Walleye bite was tough for us, caught our best eyes' in four feet of water casting husky jerk-baits n boulders/rubble, basketball stones in the afternoon. Also caught a few eyes and saugers in fourty feet of water, but they were dinks. Tennessee shad was the hot color for husky jerk-baits, when I lost mine I switched to gold and black and did well also. Pike were small for us, great action but size was lacking. Smallmouth were tough, but when you found one, there were usually more around. Caught a nice 19". Several 18". Prominent shoreline points produced best. Surface water temps started at 60 degrees when we arrived and were mid 60's when we left. That's about it. We treated the trip as a R and R session, rather than a fishing tournament.
  3. Will be just north of you fishing Namakan, Saturday through Tuesday. Taking a break from packing as i type this, can't wait.
  4. The volunteers conducting the course were fantastic! Don't get me wrong there. The course was also well done. The fee associated with the fine was what I was referring to as the in the field fund raiser. When the county sheriff was sitting on field approaches and gravel roads along a grant in aid trail on the first snowfall along Highway 7 in Carver county, I would say he was looking for reasons to stop snowmobiles. Looking for the bar crowd, which I refuse to be a part of. Unfortunately for me I was following a neighbor who decided to cut across the highway and ride against the flow of traffic, I thought he was catching the trail to go north, but instead proceeded to follow the highway and subsequently getting us stopped. Can't ride against the flow of traffic along a highway on a grant in aid trail. I no longer ride with that guy. The fee for the training class was minimal, I gladly paid that for myself and my wife. If offering a CD wasn't due to logistics, then why and when did they start offering to mail out CD's? I don't believe the 16 years of age was in play. I was 24 at the time. I would have gladly saved the 120 mile round trip. I was online everyday as part of my job, the resources were difficult to find. I would see a class, but it would be no where near me, trust me it was not a simple task at the time. Granted I had only been a resident for a year at the time, I was not up to speed on everything MN yet. I am a stickler for the rules. It was just difficult at the time to accommodate that one.
  5. Dave, it was therapy writing it down. I have found myself struggling with the loss of my grandma and uncle, but my uncle was a very special man. Glad you enjoyed reading my story. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
  6. This is a sore subject with me. I payed the fine for one of these in the winter of 02'-03' I believe. I think it was relatively new at the time and there was little to no info at the time on testing centers and class room times. I was having a heck of a time to find a place to sign up. I was able to sign up for one that ended up being canceled last minute during the beginning of the riding season. I said screw it, at the time I had been driving eight years, snowmobiling in IN for many years, yet deemed unfit for the trails, hmmmm... Oh well, I had a newly purchased sled at the time, had to go let it stretch its legs. Well long story short I took the class some 60 miles from my house at 8 or 9 am in the morning on a Saturday and shared my experiences with the DNR and police officer that presented the class. At that time they said they were hearing a lot of that. How they ever passed a law requiring a safety class and then did so little to promote it and make it available is still a head scratcher. I still think it was more of a fundraiser or the result of a couple of very deadly snowmobile seasons, knee jerk reaction. I should have fought that fine, but it would have cost PTO and more money missing work, of course it probably will be on my record for all of time. In the last few years I see they have a CD version, obviously getting everyone to a class was deemed "unrealistic". The classroom information was well presented.
  7. I have spent a lot of time the last 10 ten years following auction prices and buying and selling at one of the largest auctions in the country. Your price is a little high from what I see, unless it was in absolute mint condition and you found someone looking for that particular sled. I am thinking $1200 is more practical from looking at the recent prices. That could still be tough. Having done the maintenance and be upfront about the rebuild would be the exact info I would want to hear. I know you're not trying to hide anything and I like to hear you take care of your stuff. Although a lot of guys have been burned, by a so called top end "rebuild". Lot of wanna be mechanics out there, that could do just as much harm as good. I have read stories of "rebuilds" that were not executed properly. There are also the guys that know exactly what they are doing and love to do this stuff excessively, they enjoying rebuilding sleds, as preventive maintenance or are always looking for peak performance. There are far fewer "yamaha guys" out there also, for various reasons. Although the recent 4-stroke generation has changed things greatly. I would advise you to advertise on snowmobile specific websites for sure. The crowd will be very different from the crowd on hunting/fishing websites, much different attitudes about rebuilds and they will have a good idea on pricing and what is current. They often are looking for sleds for many other functions than just pulling the shanty out. Oh yeah, the economy for most of your target market is tough also. Probably going to have to be patient. Good Luck on your sale!
  8. Lost three family members, all were my father's family too. Dad lost his mother May 21, lost his closest sibling, a brother, Oct. 3 and lost his step father Dec. 24. I managed to get layed off Jan. 11 and my sister-in-law went through a divorce, which we all know even extended family is greatly affected. On the upside I did regain work again Dec. 2. Being layed off was a blessing, spent considerable time with my grandmother and my uncle back home. We never make the 570 mile trip at Easter, but we did last year. Time off also allowed for me to spend time at home for her last few days in a coma state and to be a pallbearer the same week in May. On the upside, my second child was born, a son on March 9th. I already have a little girl that will be 4 on Valentine's Day this year. One of each is perfect for us they are a blessing. So much loss, yet so much gained, appreciation for life and the things we have. The small things we used to take for granted. The closest of the three family members we lost, I believe was my Uncle Jon, he was only 57. Never had children of his own, raised another ladies boys for her, they never appreciated him and have been out of the picture for a long time. Their loss. In a lot of ways I would like to think I was the son he never had. His generosity and love towards me makes me think so. He battled cancer, specifically mouth and throat that I know of, life long smoker and chewer. He also liked his beer, but was seemingly never a drunk, just really liked beer. Alcohol can't good be good for the body either, I'm sure it took its toll also. It was tough watching him waste away, but he was generous and giving till the end. Which brings me to why I needed to post this. When I was home at Easter, my dad and I were helping my uncle purchase a motorcycle from an old childhood neighbor kid of theirs. I know my uncle talked about a bike years ago, but he never acted upon the notion, money was not an issue, just never got around to it. Well, I think it was on his bucket list and he knew time was running out so he looked at at the bike and gave dad and I orders to negotiate a fair price and to take care of the transaction for him. No problem. Bought the bike for less then the previous agreed upon price and brought it home without my uncles knowing. I take great enjoyment in washing and detailing vehicles and toys, so I took it upon myself to spend the day detailing my uncle's bike, going all out, three part wax system, the whole works. We then called my uncle to stop by the next day if he was feeling up to it and he agreed. Let me tell you I have never had as much enjoyment as walking him out to the garage door and hitting the opener button. His face lit up and for a brief moment you could tell he forgot about his pain. We proceeded to go later in the day to pick out saddle bags and riding gear for him and upon arrival to home we put it all together for him while he went on his way to rest. The next day, Easter morning my dad and I delivered the bike to his house where he proceeded to ride it around the block, first time in decades on a bike for him. What a great feeling, I managed to snap one really good pic of him on it. Well long story short I don't think Uncle Jon road it more than 25 miles around his neighborhood before he became too weak to even ride it. Well after Jon passed at his home and things settled down my dad informed me that I needed to pick up my motorcycle this coming spring. Excuse me, I replied. Dad went on to inform me that from the very beginning Jon's intentions were for me to have the bike after his passing. Once again another act of generosity that he lived his entire life by. Dad has a motorcycle (Honda Valkyrie Interstate) and I think it was Jon's way of saying I want you guys to enjoy them together while I'm no longer on this earth. The three of us did a lot together while I was growing up. I wrote this little tribute for him in my home town newspaper: Words cannot begin to explain what you meant to our family, but I'll try my very best. You were the big brother for dad, the sibling mom never had and the uncle I idolized. Thank you for being a mentor and teacher of the many small things in life we all take for granted. You taught me generosity, caring and about helping others, especially your family. Thank you for sharing your love of home remodeling, music, nature, cooking, and humor. We always laughed, there was always humor thanks to you. I cherish our Red Green and Three Stooges marathons. It is comforting knowing you are free of pain and your spirit is at rest. It is also comforting knowing you're with Debbie once again, this time for all of eternity. You two were made for each other, a true love story. I look forward to the moments when I can tell Madison and Brennen about all of the things that made you so special. I am honored to have known you...forever my Uncle Jon. Love you buddy! Jason, Misty, Madison and Brennen Roberts I look forward to riding the motorcycle he left for me and I look forward knowing in spirit we will be putting many miles on it together. I even think a trip to Sturgis for Dad and I is in order this summer. In memory of Uncle Jon, Grandma and Grandpa Jones (2009)
  9. Degree in Landscape Architecture, worked with Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors on municipal and private jobs. Examples of our included, Walmart(Austin, Bloomington, Apple Valley), Construction Staking for HWY 212, Eden Prairie Community Center Expansion, lots of Parks, Athletic facilities and Trails for Chanhassen, Lakeville, Eden Prairie, Etc. Did this from May of 01' to Jan of 09', got layed off, but saw business dropping the whole 8 year run, alot of this hinged on Sept. 11th I would imagine! Miss my job and some of my co-workers, but am fortunate to work in a shipping/receiving position since Dec. 09' with good pay, great benefits and seemingly really good people. Designer jobs are dead right now, I believe architects were one of the hardest hit professions nationally in 09'. Good luck all!
  10. As a 2001 Purdue graduate you may want to revist your statement about beating us year after year. You may want to look at the last 12 years or so and the outcomes of those games. Granted we suck now. I don't have faith in Brewster. Purdue had a 12 year consecutine losing streak from 1984 to 1996, then a coach by the name of Joe Tiller showed up and we proceeded to play in 10 bowl games in the 12 years he coached there. New coach and find a few diamonds in the rough like we did, Drew Brees, born in Austin, undefeated as H.S. QB and was passed up by all the Texas schools, and you may find yourself competing. When it happens get ready to enjoy the ride, it was a blast being on campus from 96-01.
  11. Paul Allen (P.A. Fame on KFAN) is thinking about you too Shackbash, he just mentioned your name and said you are normally at the Friday Football Feast live locations. Keep fighting!
  12. Swanny there are fish literally everywhere on the lake. Of course there are the no brainer spots on the map, the reefs, the points, but the lake also has a healthy population of cabbage, I would start wherever I could find it especially near hard bottom or sand. Basically put it at Mase's or the public ramp and put the trolling motor on and start casting. That whole stretch has ample cabbage and fish. Have caught fish out there on bucktails, topwater, dawgs, jerbaits, crankbaits. Let us know your results. Good luck!
  13. I can't believe the paranoia on this topic, especially on a species of fish that is 99.9% catch and release (Need a Shawn Kellet factoid). I keep hearing overtones of "my fish". As much as I like the sport of muskie fishing, I am increasingly turned off by the muskie angler. Maybe just the "internet professionals" because some of the friends I have catch a lot of fish and post nothing. They learned their lessons long ago and got tired of the internet drama. I am starting to see their position. I don't think we could stock enough lakes and keep some guys happy.
  14. Wallygator I don't believe that number is real time, I think it lags or it is a cumulative number over time, because at 12:36 a.m. it still says 43 But I do understand what you're saying. Very valid points.
  15. Specific report? I sure hope you were being sarcastic. I'm thinking the guys over at M1st are really rubbing off on you. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy M1st, but the atmosphere is a little more relaxed around here when it comes to muskies and specifics. So what if I give a specicific spot on a larger lake? Specific is saying Lake Waconia, Kegs Reef, Straight Model Depth Raider in Walleye pattern, boat in 16' of water at Mid day, north north/west wind while working a drift. And yes this did put a fish in the boat for me. Iceman keep at it, you'll put one in the boat.
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