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  1. I got my license via the internet and was checked by the DNR on LOW. I showed the PDF version on my phone and had no problems.
  2. Anyone know the ice conditions on Nebagamon? Is it possible to get around with a 4 wheeler or 4x4 truck? Thanks
  3. At 69 years old I wonder how long he has been doing this? This is not the first time he's been over the limit.
  4. I would guess they use Well water which is not treated and comes out very cold.
  5. I keep my minnows in a five gallon bucket with a bubbler and keep it in the garage. If it gets to cold I put it in my garage frig which is turned off for the season. I do jimmy rig the refrig light so it stays on and this keep the temp a little above freezing. I’ve also used an extension cord with a light bulb attachment. You do not need a very big bulb to keep it at the optimal temp. If it’s going to be more than a week before fishing I’ll fill a second 5 gallon bucket and in a couple days the water will be ready to be switched. Seems to work pretty well.
  6. I have the same problems with their Vegas Glitter Jigs. Any medium sized fish will straighten the hook. Love the jigs but hate the quality - very surprising coming from Northland.
  7. Just got back from fishing Chisago - some loser dumped his couch on the boat launch.
  8. The one thing I always bring is a change of clothes. Extra boots, socks, snow pants, gloves - it's only a matter a time before they step in a hole and there is not much you can do but go home if you don't have an extra dry pair of boots to put on.
  9. Jarrid Fished Nebagamon every day last week and only managed about 10 walleyes (all released) but did catch a few nice ones (23,22,19,19,18,17,16). I did hear the Indians had another good year which doesn't help. The Lake Association and the DNR have a plan to stock wallyes again but right now it's on hold due to lack of funds. It's too bad, this lake was a good walleye lake back in the 90's but right now I think it's safe to say it's a panfish/smallie lake.
  10. How do guys tie your flourocarbine leaders to braided lines? Tie directly or use use a swivel?
  11. Nebagamon is ice free. Somebody even has their dock in the water already. Crappie time.
  12. Can anyone tell me what the ice conditions are on Nebagamon. I'm guessing it's getting close to being ice free. Thanks
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