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  1. Bartman, Do you have the 899 with side imaging? Can you run at high speeds and still get a bottom reading? Jim
  2. I was told I need the side imaging one that will read up to 10mph and the other one for reading the depth at high speeds
  3. Just got the 899 with side imaging. I also got the two transducers. How far apart should I mount the transducers. Thanks for the advise Jim
  4. I am about to buy a battery powered auger and I saw a U-tube video comparing the gator and the ION.The gator out preformed the ION by quite a bit. Anyone have any experience with the Gator? Thanks, Jim
  5. Diago

    6" or 8" ION

    I fish mostly crappies and panfish. Would a 6" be better than the 8"? Does anyone have any experience with the reverse feature for cleaning a hole? Thanks, Jim
  6. Has anyone had experience trying both of these augers? I would like to buy a battery auger but have not tried either of them. Thanks, Jim
  7. I would like to buy a battery powered auger this year. The ION seems to be the best last year. Any opinions? Anything newer available? Thanks, Jim
  8. Has anyone taken this ride? About how long is the trip and what are the trail conditions like? Thanks for the advise!! Jim
  9. I have poor circulation in my hands and need good gloves for an upcoming trip to Alaska. Any recommendations? I have tried the ice armor series and still have cold fingers. Jim
  10. Thanks, I did mean the Lacross Ice Kings
  11. I need a new pair of winter boots. I am considering the Sorel ice-king, ice-man, or the Bunny Boots. Can anyone share some advise as to which one is warmer? Thanks, Jim
  12. JSK, You mentioned you have an ION, I was thinking of getting one. Do you like the strikemaster lite better than the ION? Would appreciate your advise. Jim
  13. Diago

    ION ice auger

    I am considering buying an ION. Are they as fast as the strikemaster? How about slush in the hole, does it do a good job of getting the slush out like the strikemaster does? Thanks for the advise Jim
  14. I would like to purchase a lite auger. Which one? The Ion or the strikemaster lite? Anyone use them so they can compare them? Thanks for the information. Jim
  15. I tried a nils 3 years ago and it was faster and lighter than my strikemaster. The only problem was it left so much sluch in the hole It took a long time to clean it to the point where I could get a lure through. In the long run the strikemaster was faster becouse the hole was cleaner. Have they made any improvements on the blade? Thanks, Jim
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