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  1. Anyone do well over Memorial Day, crappies were hard to find for me in the area lakes.
  2. How high is the water, wondering if we can get into little yellow this memorial weekend or not. How was fishing?
  3. rangerforme

    Ne 2016 hunt

    Is the public land hunting down there as good as they say it is, or is the word out now?
  4. rangerforme

    Final two tags punched

    Bird numbers for us seemed way down in Central WI for some reason. Hope the bird flu isn't going around.
  5. rangerforme

    Turkey call question

    Jakes cluck as well, I've though I've had hens coming when they turned out to have been jakes.
  6. Thought I'd share this story with you. I was on my way out of the woods on a property I have access to hunt last weekend, I was carrying my strutter decoy when I spotted a Tom about 100 yards out in a field so I crawled my strutter up to the edge of the field and since I was up on a hill I decided to lay down on my stomach under my strutter decoy. It was perfect setup I could see the Tom in the field and I made one call and he start working his way right to me, all of sudded 2 more Toms joined him and they where all slowly walking up the hill to my decoy. I was about to shoot one at about 35-40 yards when I caught a glimpse of red in corner of my eye, here another Tom I hadn't seen had snuck in on me and was fan to fan with my strutter decoy, literally almost standing on me. So I eased safety off and readied myself to jump and and shoot. Well needless to say I tried to get him at 2 yards in the head and I missed not once but twice. I guess a quarter sized pattern is hard to hit em. Was exciting though!! I should have just wrestled him to the ground! I did get a nice 4 year old bird the next day on teh same property so I guess I got even!
  7. My 8 year old caught a 22in smallie on Sand lake over the weekend but I think it was a fluke as I've only caught about 10 throughout the years. Its gonna cost me to as I assume its going on the wall. Plenty of large mouth lakes in the area. Closest good smallie water probably be Clam River Flowage(Not Clam Lake). Otherwise 40 minute drives gets you up around Hayward, lots of big smallies up there.
  8. Ya, its not like its a long drive to Yellow lake for you. Mud Hen is another good one for panfish.
  9. I never fish deeper than about 6-7 feet on Yellow, you will find walleyes right tight to the weeds at anytime of the day. Got 15 in a few hours last thur in the dead calm water with hot sun. Obiviously you can catch them deeper as well but seems like the shallows ones are pretty agressive.
  10. MN SEASON My MN season started slow, not much gobbling in the 2 mornings I got to hunt so I was pretty discouraged. Nothing was interested in any decoying we were doing and I put in a 2 long days. Was about to call it quits on Sunday and took one last drive around some of the farms I had permission to hunt and wouldn't you know here are 2 Toms out in the middle of a 20 acres green hay field with a hen strutting around. I knew these two would be a challenge but I was able to sneak up to about 100 yards from them in the tree line and grabbed my strutter decoy and crawled it out into the field about 15 yards and snuck back into the woods and hit the gobble call. Both Toms looked up saw the decoy and decided they were gonna stay with the hen. Side story just few weeks back my buddy send me this youtube video. I thought it looked cool so I ordered one for giggles. So here I am watching these 2 Toms follow the hen across the field in the opposite direction of me so I decided to give it a go, grabbed my new Shoot n Scoot and started belly crawling into the wide hay field. I made it about about 20 yards into the field and both those Toms put their tails down and came charging right at me, I staked the decoy and got my gun up in prone behind decoy and smoked a big 24lb tom at about 15 yards. They would have jumped right on me I think. I would not try this on public land FYI. Ended up being a nice 24lb tom with about a ONE INCH beard, must have froze off. MN Tom FORWARD TO MY WI Season which ended today. Dealing with wind/rain almost every day I could hunt we tried a new property on Friday after hearing about 2 gobbles all day Wed. Got there early and snuck to what looked like a nice open meadow on the map, just as we set the decoys down to start setting up 5 or 6 birds busted out of the trees 30 yards from us. I thought we blew it but we both decided to setup since it was dark and they didnt' know what we were and see if one would work its way back. We use one of those 360 turners on our Strutter decoy the strings which will into play soon. So we sit there for 4 hours no gobbles at all(assuming because we busted them). So we are sitting there and my partner falls asleep for about 10 mins and sure enough i'm sitting there and all of sudden about 5 yards in front of the blind shows up a big tom bright red head all strutted up. Of course he came in silent from my blind spot on my sleeping buddies side(he'd seem him coming from 50 yards). So here I am with my pants down, can't go for my gun as he is super close, anyway, I'm not worried he just needs to turn his back and check out the strutter decoy and I have him. Just as he supposed to do he turns and I get my gun up just as he is turning back so I can shoot he trips head over heels over the stupid string we use to give the strutter some movement. He did not like that and he runs off hard to my left, of course i didnt' have the window opened all the way up so I have to hang out the front of the blind, no problem I him walking at 30 yards, boom i shoot and he runs off. I'm like how did i miss. Here i smoked a little tree about 10 inches wide half way between us, ate up my entire pattern and i didn't see it. Off to a new property come walking around the corner on a open trail and see a huge tom with 4 hens in a little cornfield. I had about 60 yards to the edge of the field/fence and he was about another 100 yards up into the field but I was stuck in a wide open grassy field pretty much. So figured why not, pulled out the Shoot n Scoot again and started belly crawling down the wide open trail at the cornfield. Sure enough he runs that 100 yards across the cornfield till he hits the fence and just stops and struts looking right at me. Either the 4 hens moving off into the woods or the fence he had to cross had him locked up but i needed him to come 10 more yards and he was done. But he came looking for a fight but i think the fence was enough he didn't want to cross and leave those 4 hens. So I hunt Sun, had a few off in distance on property we can't hunt and I figure i'm done. Well I talked myself into running over this morning for a few hours and figured I'd try were we blew it on Fri. This time i waited for a gobble so i could locate them before in went in. Got setup about 350 yards away out in a pasture so i could see them coming. Got one to about 80 yards and he hung out for awhile checking out my decoy then he decides to head to my right where the other tom was out in a field strutting. I could see the tops of both their fans over the little rise in the meadow. Decided to go for it and belly crawled 50 yards through wet/muddy grass behind a small tree i lined up between us. Got to about 40 yards and he was just starting to turn. Shot him at 40 and that was all she wrote. 5:50 AM my earliest turkey kill to date. Terrible picture. Nice 21lb bird with 10.5 beard and 7/8 spurs. WI Turkey
  11. rangerforme

    2014 double turkey kill video

    Darwinism at its finest there! Luck you had that first one on the ground to take his attention away from all the moving around!
  12. rangerforme

    And they say turkeys won't cross fences...

    All depends on the Tom and the Day, I've seen both.
  13. rangerforme

    Team 4: "Beard Busters"

    That's where turkeys spend about 90% of their day is in the woods, where I'd be!
  14. For me hunting and killing turkeys is pretty easy if you are around a solid population of birds, I'd have say the key to turkey hunting is finding the right property with good # of birds and getting permission on it. Calling, decoying all very secondary in my opinion.
  15. You can stay on that 8/9 foot weedline all summer, just pull a rig you can cover ground with quickly, I always find a school of them somewhere.