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  1. I have a group of bachelor drakes on the pond this year. The pond water level is high so there is flooded timber. A great combo for photography.
  2. Sturg

    Painted Lady

    I've had some on my flowers this week too. I was wondering what they are called. They are fast flyers!
  3. Sturg

    Guide Daze

    Great storytelling with pictures on a portion of your life experiences in the great outdoors. Thanks for sharing Len.
  4. Sturg

    Fly by Feeding

    Happened upon a pair of swallows busy feeding their young. The adult would feed on the fly. They would buzz in, pick a chick and shove the morsel down the chick's throat before you could blink an eye. Too fast for the human eye.
  5. We took a family trip out to the Black Hills and saw some bighorn rams in the Badlands and a Mountain goat at Mt Rushmore. There was a group of 5 rams bedded along side the road just before sundown. I got a few pics before someone got too close and the rams got up and moved off. I returned at sunrise the next morning and two of the rams had returned and eventually bedded down where I could get a couple of shots with the Badlands in the background. Beautiful animals in a great background! Sundown shots: Sunrise shots: A Mt. Rushmore mountain goat: The west is a picture takers paradise for sure!
  6. Sturg


    I was fortunate to see a tanager, blue-winged warbler, and a couple of young cranes all in one morning on a walk in a park this week.
  7. Sturg

    Apple Blossom Theives

    Very nice Jim! Waxwings have such subtle beauty!
  8. I was out early to a pond to photograph some wood ducks when a great blue heron landed on a log and started fishing. It was very close and filled the frame on a beautiful morning just before sunrise (the pond had a layer of mist just over the water). One of those days when it all came together. It walked around the log and eventually caught a couple of fathead minnows and then took off across the pond.
  9. I saw a woody with nine little ones this morning. I didn't expect to see them already. I got a couple of quick pics as they passed by me. Mama was camera shy. Lots of bachelor drakes around.. they look mighty fine in the early morning sun Yesterday I saw a crane on a nest....
  10. Sturg

    Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    DonBo, good luck on your bow quest, your father raised you well! What a great way to celebrate life by sharing a hunt together.
  11. The Toms are ready to rumble.....
  12. Sturg

    Your Three Best Photos

    Great pictures by all that have shared thus far! Three of my best or my favorites anyway...
  13. Sturg

    Spring is near!

    I was out and about wetland areas this weekend and saw lots of waterfowl. Many trumpeter swans, high flying tundra swans, gadwalls, shovelers, a few wood ducks, ring necks, hooded mergansers, , a pair of goldeneyes, and a loon. I also saw many sandhill cranes.