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  1. MNUser

    Balloon Pop at 109,957 feet

    Fun to do. Always fun, always stressful. Here are some pictures and the flight data. http://hab.forestviewmultimedia.com/flights/09_flight.html Enjoy.
  2. We launched a weather balloon to 109,957 feet yesterday. We flew a 360fly on the main payload looking up. Here is what the balloon looked like when it burst from over expansion. The balloon was a 3000gram latex weather balloon.
  3. Forgot two things: Includes Lake Master Chip and it is rigged for a FL18 Vexlar. $16,000
  4. 2004 Lund Explorer 1700 SS2004 Johnson 115 4 Stroke Motor2014 Shorelandr TrailerMinn Kota Bow Mount 65 lbMinn Kota CopolitMinn Kota Vantage 80lbHummingbird 898cGuest On Board ChargerCustom Snap CoverOn board rod storageDual ConsoleRadio with USB27 Gallon TankShip to Shore Radio8' Whip Antenna3' Storable AntennaWave WhackersTransom SaverThis is a super nice boat. One of Lunds finest. Rigged 24 volt. Has custom snap cover. New upgraded roller trailer. Two live wells. Three batteries all hooked to on board charger. I'm original owner. Bought new in 2004. Always stored in garage. Always covered and winterized for off season. Always had oil and lower unit oil changed before winter storage. If u are looking for a nice used boat that will last another 10-12 years, look no further. Great young family set up. jareed "@" charter . net
  5. A little update on one of our 18" layer finds. The before and the start of prepping.
  6. The fish are knightia fish and Diplomystus fish out of the Green River Formation in southern WY. They are right around 50 million years old. Google Green River Formation and you will learn a ton. Cool stuff!!
  7. MNUser


    That is funny. I have been watching that "prediction" for the last two days. Be lucky if u get 1 inch. Joke!
  8. MNUser


    Here we r. January. No snow. Well, anybody have predictions? January is historically a dry month. What a joke MN has become snow wise. Wish I had a scheduled that allowed me to travel west.
  9. MNUser

    Do Over!

    I put both my sleds away already. Fresh gas and stable and back in storage. Sad winter. There will basically be no riding this winter.
  10. Here we are. Raining outside. 40s next weekend. What the heck? Snowmobiling has become the 60 day activity if u are lucky. How much further north does one have to move to get back to real winters? Either mover further north or further up in elevation.
  11. MNUser

    First ride of the season

    I would be interested in doing a ride up north when u guys go.
  12. MNUser

    If you Won the POWERBALL.........

    Quit work. Buy a mountain cabin. Ride my snowmobile. Ski with my season pass. Help out my kids. Get a new cell number. Give new cell number to nobody. Live happily ever after.
  13. We recently sent a helium balloon to 113,080 feet. You can see a picture from that altitude about half way down the following page: http://hab.forestviewmultimedia.com/flights/06_flight.html Enjoy
  14. MNUser

    What to do with a torn track?

    Where r you located?