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  1. Jarnotski

    Wanna run new pup

    I do not believe this include all public land. DNR owns/administers land such as WMAs, SNAs, etc. Other public lands would include county, possibly city, and state-in-trust. State in trust land is admistered by the coutnty in the county I live in. Not sure if this is the case state wide. As always, may not hurt to give your area DNR office a call.
  2. Jarnotski

    Dog Training DVD's

    I just got a lab this past early spring and watched lots of dvd training series to see which ones I liked best. I am a complete rookie as this is my first pup, but I just liked some training programs better than others. I had my mind made up that I was going to use the Hillman puppy training program. This was a bit of a problem for me as my pup was not overly excited to retrieve, thus it made following the hillman program a bit difficult. If your pup is nuts for retrieving, I would highly recommend the hillman program for puppy traing. I also got a hold of a vhs called ABC's of retrieving - I believe the trainer is Steve Pind. I pushed it off to the side since it was a vhs and figured the more recent programs were better. Big mistake, the ABC's program had a ton of good information. May be hard to find though. Again, take this at face value as I am a rookie.
  3. Jarnotski

    Dog potty training issue

    My pup has done that from time to time as well. He's only 13 weeks, so the vet said give it some time. I have to take him out before I feed him or he gets so excited an pees all over.
  4. Jarnotski

    Yellow Lab Pups

    Check out Millers Windy Ridge Kennels. Just got a pup from them about a month ago and heard they are doing another breeding this year at somepoint. This is an extremely docile pup. Gonna be a very good family dog. Just hoping he's a good retriever too.
  5. Jarnotski

    Keeping Crawlers

    Curious to hear how people keep thier crawlers during the summer? I like to buy a flat early and pull from it all year. I've tried a variety of different beddings, feeding them coffee grounds, and pulling dead worms when notice. I don't seem to have as good of success as I would think I should. So far it seems the dirt bedding has worked best for me.
  6. Jarnotski

    Fuel tank repair

    Sorry - Plastic fuel tank.
  7. Jarnotski

    Fuel tank repair

    Long story short - I found my below deck fuel tank with an 1/8" drill bit. Once I figure out how to get the tank out, does anyone have any ideas for repairing the hole. I'd hate to have to buy a whole new tank. Incase it matters, I have an '02 Crestliner 1850. Thanks,
  8. Jarnotski

    Slow death

    DNR has proposed a few different rules and one addresses the multiple hooks. These rules have been adopted but not sure when they will go into effect. Long in short - you can use three single or multiple hooks as long as they are 9 inches or less apart. See the link for more info. Either way, going to have to give the slow death a shot this year. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/input/rules/fisheries/index.html
  9. Jarnotski

    Slow death

    When tying your own, do you include a blade and beads like a typical crawler harness? or would the action get messed up with a blade?
  10. I started using crawler harnesses behind bottom bouncers a lot last year and had great success. Wondering if anyone pulls crank baits behind bottom bouncers ever? If so, what type of cranks? Thanks.
  11. Jarnotski

    Minnow ID

    Iowa's are definately colorful, but the markings are not consistant with an Iowa, nor is the mouth. The mouth has really got me puzzled. As for the other fish caught in the bait bucket. It's definately a gar, judging by the snout i'd say a shortnose gar.
  12. Jarnotski

    797 SI Settings

    I just put the 797 on the boat and have had it on the water a couple times. Dredding going to through the owners manual, owell. Does anyone have any advice on settings before I dive into it. Thanks
  13. Jarnotski

    Side Image Sonar...Worth It?

    The idea of getting an image of whats down there is intriguing to me. However, is it really worth the price for these units? I would like to buy one but there may be better things to spend that money on.
  14. Jarnotski

    First timer

    I would like to get a lab for waterfowl hunting, my big question is can I get one this fall so its ready by next season, or would it be best to wait until spring and miss out on a season? Thanks
  15. Jarnotski

    2007 license good till April 30th

    Thanks, I was wondering that