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  1. TimR

    Nissan Xterra?

    I don't really disagree with anything you said about the Xterra - I wouldn't recommend any v6 powered vehicle to regularly tow a 4300lb camper. That's great that Airjer is a knowledgeable mechanic. If he is, I'd expect a more objective description than "turd", especially regarding the VG33 engine. That series has powered Xterras, Frontiers, Maximas, pathfinders, etc reliably for years, in both belt and chain form. Nissan didn't stick with it because it was a headache. He should know that. Read again. I said my Xterra was reliable, with rust, crappy mileage (even when not towing) and without tranny issues. It is what it is, but it isn't the "turd" that the non-owners made it out to be. If I was purchasing today, I'd buy something with a v8. Tim
  2. TimR

    Nissan Xterra?

    Bah. Another non-owner spewing talk. You change the timing BELT at just after 100k miles. The VG33 variant engine has been in Nissan vehicles for years, and is well respected for longevity and reliability. Sigh. Tim
  3. TimR

    Nissan Xterra?

    I'm still running a 2000 Xterra I bought new in 2000. It gets used when I need to tow or haul something. I put a tranny cooler on it when I bought it as I knew it's main use would be towing, have not had a single problem. 17' glass boat with a 150OB all over the state, 2 sled trailer all over the state, 5k lb enclosed out to wyoming and back on a hunting trip. I've had to replace brakes, tires, timing belt, plugs, one oxygen sensor, and that's it. The rocker panels have rusted out and look like hell and the rear door has had rust spot issues, but the rest of the body is fine. The mileage is crappy is my only real complaint. Compared to the neverending sob stories I hear out of my coworkers that don't even tow with their explorers, I'm happy with the Xterra. Exploder tranny this, 2nd rear end that, we had to take my Xterra as the tow vehicle on the last trip up to Red because the intake manifold gasket went the day before we left on the explorer. Make your own choice, but talk to some actual owners that use their vehicle. Tim
  4. TimR

    More trapping of dogs...

    Jonny P - I can understand that, I see where you are coming from. It doesn't make it any better, but in all areas of life people are becoming fed up with ever increasing regulation and scrutiny. It is important to note that the trappers closest neighbor (hunters), are saying to you "hey, we have a problem we need to deal with together". Some knuckleheads are telling the hunters to go pound sand. If a decent discussion can't even be had with hunters, how is it going to go with the rest of the public that shares that resource? You have very valid points about the benefits trapping brings to the wider public, and trapper's rights as a portion of the public. Be wary of letting the "rage" be heard in the the voice of trappers - it's not how opinions are swayed. Good luck, Tim
  5. TimR

    More trapping of dogs...

    Monstermoose78, I'll humor you one more time. No - because there is no loss. There was no definite action. A better comparison for you to understand is this: If I, or my old lab decided to gnaw on the 3 legged rabid defecating skunk that Trapper XYZ caught in his trap - why certainly - I would pay restitution to the trapper. But, using your logic, the trapper should just deal with the fact that my old lab trotted off down the trail with the 3 legged rabid skunk and his trap. Why? Because as you put it, when you are utilizing a public resource with multiple uses, "you are rolling the dice". I don't think I am getting through to you, and you didn't answer my questions, so best of luck and thank you. Tim
  6. TimR

    More trapping of dogs...

    Jonny P - I live in the ex-urbs now, that is not where I was born or raised. I understand the rural way of life well. I have no issues with making a profit off of a public resource. My question is there to elicit thought. I was suprised at your comments in this thread after reading what you write in other areas. It's usually a well thought out point of view. A person who states they make part of their living off of a public resource should realize that diminishing the concerns of other users of that resource won't get you to a mutally benefitial end point. You have valid concerns, as does the visiting vacationer. You won't get that vacationer to listen to your valid points if you state that your livelihood is more important than their pets life, or that it has been done this way since the 50's, or that three legged rabid skunks will be defecating on the deck (I love that argument, btw). I can see both sides of the debate. In the interest of all outdoor sports hanging together, I wish the ardent trappers would look at the overall situation and recognize the concerns of dog owners. My only real question, which I truly don't understand, is why trappers feel they are not responsible for any death/injury caused by the traps they set? The comment about incompatible use is that it appears the general public (who shares ownership of the resource) would be inclined to understand the side of the dog owner. The extreme end of that debate is incompatible use, does the trapping minority want to fight that battle? What I see here, is that trappers are choosing to not have a reasonable discussion with what should be the section of public most closely aligned with their hobby/livelhood. How then is that going to go with Susie Suburbanite? Tim
  7. TimR

    More trapping of dogs...

    Your response typifies those I'm trying to point out. Trappers would do well to recognize that burying your head in the sand and shouting "I'm legal, darnit!" will not get you your intended response in a changing world. I'll humor you and take your comment at face value. So maybe you are out squirrel hunting and I am chasing rabbits with my old lab, and he runs off. You think he is chasing a deer and blaze away with your .22. According to the MN DNR, you are legal. "Between January 1 and July 14, a dog that is observed wounding, killing, or pursuing in a way that endangers big game may be killed by any person. A peace officer or conservation officer may kill a dog that endangers big game at any time of the year. The officer or person is not liable for damages for killing the dog." Are you comfortable looking a dog owner in the face and saying "yep, that deer was getting tired, and in a snow year like this, that was endangering that there deer.". If so - good for you, you and I are wired differently. Tim
  8. TimR

    More trapping of dogs...

    A few comments to ponder: Why, if you are making your living off of a public resource, do you expect that the public resource will remain as it was in the 1950's when the pulbic around it is changing? If I am out utilizing a public resource, and I pull the trigger I am responsible for that action, and the resulting animals loss of life/injury. Why is the person who sets a 220 on the ground not held to the same standard? Why are the concerns any less for "Suburban Susie walking fluffy" (when utilizing a public resource) than for trapper XYZ? Do you understand the concept of incompatible use? Tim Who owns an aged, $110 rescue lab
  9. TimR

    Double fuel line for Johnson 7.5hp

    Ideas? Sure - just go buy 20 feet of normal fuel line, and run two separate lines then use a couple zip-ties to hold them together. Tim
  10. TimR

    speedo drive problems

    So you followed the speedo cable down to where it hits the right angle adapter drive, removed the three nuts in the tunnel, pulled off the adapter drive and the key was broken and the drive wouldn't turn? Inspect the bearings that were under the plate, those are the bearings that often go out and takeout the speedo drive. You can test the adapter drive easily enough, just put what is left of the key on the driveshaft side of the adapter and spin it with a cordless drill - does it spin the speedo cable on the other end? Narrow it down to what is broken - if you already did that, and it is just the adapter drive, I would still carefully inspect those bearings. If bearings are fine, repack w/ grease, install new key and right angle adapter. Also, some of the most fun I've ever had was trying to pick the end of the speedo key out of the driveshaft. Tim
  11. I have it penciled in on the calendar. Tim
  12. If you end up doing a long day-ride one of these weekends, post it up here. I can't do an overnight, but would be in for a long Saturday run. Tim
  13. TimR

    Steering problem

    Same thing happened to me a few years ago on an Indy 400. Inspect the tube that the steering shaft goes through in the engine compartment. You will likely find a grease fitting on the tube, it might be hidden by the airbox/oil container/something else. Inject fresh grease into this zerk - it is easier if you bring the sled in somewhere warm first. If you can't get any grease in, you can carefully - CAREFULLY!! - heat the steering shaft with a propane torch. After that, follow the control path and lube any point of motion. Tim
  14. TimR

    Heater suggestion for 2 man portable?

    Started with the heater/cooker. Burned stuff, melted lines, and mostly - got sick from the fumes. Used the buddy for a couple years, but it wouldn't keep up on the cold, windy nights on Red. Bought a Big Buddy this year. Love it. More heat than a heater/cooker, no fumes in the shack, can place it against the canvas, and the "high" setting is nice to have compared to the regular buddy. Tim
  15. TimR


    If I'm reading my Dennis Kirk catalog correctly, you need a AC Part number A5988. Which is a 60/60Watt bulb with a P43T base. Which is also known as an H4 bulb, which you should be able to pick up at an auto parts store for a couple bucks. Just take out the old one and make sure the base looks the same. Tim