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  1. I am going to bow out this time, I have some guys coming over Sat Afternoon to help put the walls up on the fishhouse, then I am going to start on the roof, I have a lot of work to do before the walleye opener. After the outer shell is up, then I can putz around on the fishhouse all summer and still have time to fish.
  2. For me, any duck that actually falls out of the sky is an unusual duck
  3. Poutpro, To add to woody's answer about using aluminum, if you use greentreated wood for the floor then aluminum would not be the way to go. The new AC2 treated plywood corrodes aluminum.. I just did a bunch of online research into this before I purchased my drop down frame. If you use steel frame and use the AC2 treated wood you also need to use 410 or better stainless steel, hot dipped galvinized or ITW Buildex TEKS coated self taping flathead screws, this new treated wood really does a corrosion number on most metals used today. Stainless steel is way to expensive, they don't make hot dipped galvenized self tappers. the Buildex TEKS are pretty cheap, 40-45 bucks for a box of 250. I bought the TEKS at Fastenal company, they have many locations around the state.
  4. Hanson, Is that the steel siding you get from Menards? If not where did you get that? I am in the process of building also. Thanks, Danny
  5. I don't know if the cashiers pay attention to what they are doing or not but I stopped by gander the other day and bought 15.OO dollars worth the fishing line and plastics and gave them a coupon that said 10 bucks off 50 dollar purchase. They accepted the coupon and never told me I needed to buy another 35 bucks worth the stuff. But I am not complaining !!!!
  6. danny berg

    April Fools ??

    How many of you fell for 93X's NHL April Fool Joke this morning? I am guilty.
  7. Walking across the street to my neighbors last night I encountered an out of place bird! A young chukkar, must have got loose from somebodys pen. I told my neighbor to get the pellet gun, then he could try out his new grill Beautiful bird, neighbors wife did get a couple of pictures, he hung out in the yard for a while then jumped up on the roof, then took off towards the river.
  8. Yes, there were alot East of Fergus. That area was also thick with Canadians
  9. Lawdog, I went to Bismark on Sat and from East of Fergus Falls to west of Jamestown, the sky was full of Snows, (Hundreds of thousands), I mean every which way you looked, the sky was black with them. On the way back in the afternoon, I didn't see the same numbers but most of them were seen from Jamestown to Valley City.
  10. I tried the bitter apple stuff and it didn't work with my dog. Mom suggested dishsoap and cayanne pepper. Worked pretty good, but then the dog got a taste for hot stuff, got into a bowl of salsa while I wasn't looking, Man did I have a stinky house for a while
  11. I go to Montana every other year to visit Mom. I don't hunt big game there anymore, but I do hunt waterfowl and I do a day trip on the Bighorn for Brownies... use to be 7 dollars to hunt waterfowl, now it is about 75 for non resident license.
  12. Sorry guys not that simple any more. You need to go to the Montana Fish and Game HSOforum at http//fwp.state.mt.us. there you can find all your information.
  13. AJ, I'm sending you an E-mail Tomorrow about this weekend in Walker.
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