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  1. Well I got home Sun night from 4 days on The Woods. Did real well pull'in spinners for Walleyes on the reefs. Did a little casting shad raps for Smallies with no luck. Did some musky hunting with my brother catching 2 smaller ones, and there was a couple encounters with HUGE fish. The first day (Thu the 15th) me and Wolfer drove up early and fished from 4:30-9:30. We got 25 Walleyes with the biggest being: 3-15"ers, 2-16"ers and an 18"er. We also got 3 Perch and a Sauger. Friday, brother ESKAY and Dave joined us. We got 34 Walleyes, the biggest were: a 15 1/2"er, 2-16"ers, a 17 1/2"er, a 24"er and a Big 29 1/2"er for Dave. We also got 8 Sauger, 4 Perch, 2 Rock Bass and ESKAY caught a beat up little 32" spotted Muskie, that hit right at the boat. Sat. we got 83 Walleyes including 3-15"ers, 2-16"ers, 2-16 1/2"ers, 2-17"ers, 2-17 1/2"ers and I caught a 20 1/2"er while Muskie fish'in, casting a small Muskie Bucktail! We watched another group of fisherman catch and release 2 Walleyes that looked to be between 28"-30"!!We also got: 12 Perch, 5 Sauger, 1 Smallie and a Crappie. ESKAY caught another beat up 32" spotted Muskie, about 10 miles from where he got the one yesterday. Dave had a "Forty Pounder" jump out of the water with his Bucktail in it'd mouth only to throw it back at him before it crashed back into the water! We pretty much fished reefs and caught fish from the very tops to past the basin. We fished for 3 1/2 hrs. on Sun. before we drove home. ESKAY and Dave went Muskie hunting, but had no action, except for 1 small Northern. Me and Wolfer needed a couple more eaters for our limits, so we hit the reefs again. We got 22 Walleyes including 3-15"ers, a 20 3/4"er and a 22 3/4"er. We also got 4 Sauger, 4 Perch and a Rock Bass. P.S. The Mayfly hatch is in full swing. I parked my boat directly under the dock light on Fri night and in the morning there was about 9" of mayflies piled in my boat!! Had to clean it out with a broom and scoop shovel!! Could have filled a 50-gal can EASY!!! Good Fish'in, Wizard
  2. Hey, guys Thanks For the reports! Their fantastic and greatly appreciated! I'm going up next weekend for a 3-day'er. You guys are getting me all excited! will report when I get back. Good Fish'in, Wizard
  3. Marknamy, We caught most of the fish working the edge of the basin of structure such as points and reefs in 20+'. Things may change though with this weather. Your best bet is to search on and by structure with your electronics, looking for fish and/or baitfish before you even put a line in the water. We caught a couple nicer Walleyes in the Dawson area but the numbers were very low. Talked to a guy last Sat. at the Gov't Landing N. of Morson, and he said he had done pretty well around Firebag a week earlier but we did'nt get quite that far. Let me know how you do when you get back. Good Fish'in Wizard
  4. Just got back from a few days on The Woods. Fishing was pretty disappointing. Let me start by telling you how we did last year at this time and the difference in conditions. Last year me and a buddy fished June 17th, 18th and 19th. We fished the Dawson Island area, the Rabbit Island area and the Miles Bay area. We mostly pulled spinners with Leeches or Crawlers. We fished for 5 hrs. the first day, 9 hrs. the second day and 8 hrs. the last day. Air temps were 75, 75 and 80. Water temps were 66-70, 70 and 71-74.5. The skies were mostly sunny all 3 days. The winds were moderate to strong all 3 days. We caught a total of 107 fish including: 68 Walleyes (24 were between 15"-23 1/2"), 25 Perch, 12 Sauger and 2 big Crappies. Not too shabby. This year, me, my brother, his wife and daughter drove up on the 22nd (Tues). We got 3 1/2 hrs. in on Tues evening, vertical jigg'in south of Miles bay. It was mostly sunny, strong wind from the NW, the air temp was 60 and the water temp was 59.5-61. We caught 3 freak'in fish! 2 little Walleyes and a Crappie. Saw lots of fish, even watched them on the sonar, come up to my jig only to head back for the bottom. On Weds. we did'nt get fish'in til 10:30. It was mostly Sunny with a moderate wind so we started up by Rubber Island. Vertical jigg'in and slip-bobber'in. Tried a few spots, didn't see hardly any fish or bait. Caught nothing. Went to Miles Bay. Caught 8 fish. 5 Walleyes, a 13 1/4" Crappie, a Perch and a Rock Bass. At about 1:00, the rain moved in and it got very windy. We braved it for about a 1/2 hr. then decided to give it up. The brother's family left and my cousin arrived Fri. afternoon. We fished from 6-9pm in the Dawson Island area, and managed to jig up 4 Walleyes (including a 17 1/2"er and a 19"er), 3 Saugers and a Smallie. On Sat. we fished for 9 hrs. basically in the Rabbit Island area. It was mostly cloudy with a few small rain showers, a pretty light wind, low 60's for air temp and 60 for water temp.. We spend most of the time jigg'in for Walleyes and a couple hrs. casting for Muskies. The Muskie fishing only produced an 18 1/2" Smallie! The Jigg'in produced 32 fish, including 17 Sauger, 9 Walleyes, 3 Perch, 1 Crappie, 1 Rock Bass and 1 Beautiful, 35", clear-phase, Muskie! Boy did he thump that jig! That's it. Pretty **** slow. The water temp is so far behind, I hope things get back to normal as soon as possible. This week looks like "water warm'in" weather. Anyone else been up lately. Lets hear a report!! Good Fish'in, Wizard
  5. benellidude2002, my cabin is in the bay just north of Taylor Bay. eastwind, you do need a Remote Border Pass to cross the border anywhere except at Customs. You can get these passes at the Canadian Customs. They cost $35, last for 2 years and you can include your wife and minor childern. and yes you can't catch a Minnesota limit on the Minnesota side then take it across the border to the Canadian side. Like a warden once explained it to me, You must be within the limits of where you are. It is a long way from Morson To Garden Island, but if them pigs are on a tear, it's well worth it. I'm going up next week. Any suggestions? I'll give a report when I get back. Good Fish'in, Wizard
  6. Eastwind, when I first started using the portage, 5 years ago, it was the rollers and I was fishing out of a 17' Bass boat at the time. We clicked the transducer up, went slow and things were cool. I now have a 19' Lund Pro-V w/200 Optimax and I can't wait for the new rollers system they are apparently putting in, to be completed. That trolley system is a nightmare! That day we caught the 2 pigs while downrigg'n on Big Traverse Bay, we had actually started about 2 miles out from the Three Sisters. we weren't having much luck and we kept seeing charter boats going by us traveling north. We finally decided to follow them for what turned out to be about 12 miles NNW to the south side of Garden Island (which seperates Big Traverse Bay from Little Traverse Bay). Moniter a marine-band radio and/or look for the gathering of boats to locate active schools of Walleyes. Good Fish'in, Wizard
  7. Eastwind, don't overlook Lakers on Whitefish Bay. By mid-Aug. I vertical jig and downrig in water depth of at least 70' and perferably 100'+. My personal best vertical jigg'in in Aug. is a 35"er, and downrigg'in it's 11 in one day with the biggest being 32", 33" and 34"ers. Also keep an eye on the internet reports. Mid-Aug. can be trophy time on Big Traverse Bay, downrigg'in the flats with cranks. If you have a smaller boat, beware of ANY wind. 3 years ago me and a buddy got lucky and got a calm day. We made it to the south side of Garden Island (MN side)in a 17" Bass boat w/ Walleye downriggers. In 3 hrs. we boated 8 Walleyes over 22" including a 28 1/4"er and a 28 3/4"er. I've fished 3 times on Crow Lake during winter for Lakers and never caught one over 25". I fish on Whitefish Bay all winter for Lakers and I swear to God, the avg. is 28". Uramusky, Last year on June 18th + 19th, 2 of us pulled spinners w/Leeches and Crawlers in front of sandy shorelines. Zig-zag trolling in 12' - 18' during the day and 6' - 12' in the evening. Our total for the 2 days were: 92 Walleyes, with 27 of those being 15" - 22 1/2". You might want to give that method a try. As far as Muskies go, you better get advice elsewhere. I havn't had much experience during this time. I'm going up somewhere around the 15th with my younger brother, his wife and daughter. Any suggestions? Good fish'in, Wizard
  8. My best Walleye fishung experiences up there hands down is the special season on the Rainy in spring. 2002 was our best year. 3 of us fished the last 6 days of the season. We caught 272 Walleyes total, including 2 - 25"ers, a 25 1/4"er, 5 - 25 1/2"ers, a 26"er, 3 - 26 1/4"ers, 2 - 26 3/4"ers, a 27 1/4"er, 2 - 27 1/2"ers, a 28"er, a 28 1/2"er, a 29 1/2"er, 2 - 30"ers, and a 30 3/4"er. And I can't not mention those bonus Sturgeon. We hooked a lot, but the biggest ones we got in the boat were 54", 54 1/2" and a 56 1/4". As far as Muskies go, i'm pretty much a beginner. I've only been pursuiting them for 4 years. Because I'm very much a Multi-species fisherman, I don't spend a lot of time chasing them. A little in the Sring, mostly the Fall. Last Fall, on Nov 1st, our last day on open water on LOTW. we put a 41 1/2"er, a 42 1/2"er and a 49 1/2"er in the boat while trolling 13" Grandmas, FUN!! That ain't bad, is it? Last year during Memorial weekend we slaughter the Smallies, Walleyes and Northerns throwing Shad Raps at boulder shorelines. This year was pretty much a bust. I'm blaming this on our cold sring. If someone could give me a heads-up when the Smallies move back shallow and/or some water temp updates, I'd greatly appeciate it. Miles Bay and Obabikon Lake are great, but well known fishing areas. I would love to try Little Traverse. I hear it's great for Muskie, but i've only been past the Rubber Island area once. Dawson Island and the areas to the South and East are where I spend 95% of my time pursuiting hard-water Walleyes. I've caught as many as 63 Walleyes in 4 hrs. in this area, thru the ice. And once in a while you'll pop a brute. My next trip isn't for another couple weeks, but it's rare for me to go more than 3 weeks without visting my "happy place", so if you see a 19' red Lund Pro-V w/200hp Optimax from WS, stop over and we'll swap reports.
  9. First, a short introduction. I am "Wizard", an admittedly self-proclaimed name, but it stuck about 10 years ago and my friends rarly call me by my first name, Tom. 5 years ago my brother and myself bought a cabin on LOTW just south of Morson. I fish for ALL species on the lake and on the Rainy River. As many of you know, "The Woods" can be (at times) a truly tremendous fishery!! At present I have 292 days fishing LOTW. I've learned and experienced alot on LOTW fishing and would love to talk fishing (of any and all techniques and methods)to any and everybody out there who loves fishing as I do. Pick a species and lets talk! This forum of information gathering and story telling is an opportunity too good to not be utilized by anyone who fishes LOTW and wouldn't mind putting a few more fish in the boat. Hope to here from someone soon. Good fish'in, Wizard
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