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  1. We still have a couple spots left for Saturday's Tournament. http://www.foxlakeconservation.com
  2. Just a reminder to get your entry forms in quick!!!
  3. Don't forget to sign up for the FoxMasters Tournament again this year. Tournament is over half full already. Get your entry forms on http://www.foxlakeconservation.com/fox-masters/foxmasters-homepage.htm
  4. The rules have changed as of last night. You can now fish from any portable or permenant fish house. Here are the rest of the rules. All cash prizes based on total entries paid. Broke down by percent. Biggest fish on down. Catch and release contest. Fish must be brought to judges alive right after catching. In the event someone wants to keep there fish for mount etc. it can be left at the judges station. Panfish/walleye etc.. NO Musky Token BBQ from Mapleton MN will be on site with concessions including hot food and warm beverages ( Coffee hot cocoa etc). Rules and Regulations Location- Fox Lake, MN Date 2-19-2011 Time 10:00 AM – 3:00PM Concessions provided by Token BBQ- Mapleton, MN • Registration from 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM the day of tournament at DNR Landing. ...• Shot gun start at DNR landing near registration trailer. • Fee: $10 per person – all ages. • All cash prizes based on total entries paid. • Contest based on weight of fish. Top 10 • Contestants eligible for only one of the cash prizes. • Prize for first fish weighed in. $50 Gift card from Scheels. • Muskie not eligible for contest. Any contestant that brings a muskie for weigh-in will be disqualified. • Fish must be alive at weigh-in and will be released by judges immediately after being weighed. • Contestants may keep a “Trophy” fish. It will be kept w/ judges until end of tournament. • All contestants, their vehicles and sites subject to inspection at any time. • Fishing sites will be flagged for identification. • Wristbands will be issued to contestants upon verification of registration requirements. • Wristbands must be worn throughout contest and weigh-in. • Contestants must be “in line” for weigh-in by 3:00PM. • All MN fishing rules and regulations apply. • Any contestant found not abiding to all contest rules and regulations will be disqualified. • The designated fishing area is from the east end of Fox Lake to the high power lines. – -Fickens Point/ Clancey’s Point • Contestants fish at own risk. FLCL is not responsible for accidents or injury or loss of property. • Winning contestants may be required to submit to and pass a polygraph test at FLCL,Inc’s request. Out HSOforum is https://www.foxlakeconservation.com and we are on Facebook
  5. No houses on this tournament. We are only selling the entries the day of the tournament also.
  6. Fox Lake Conservation is going to host their first Ice Fishing Tournament on Fox Lake on February 19th. More information on our Facebook page. Search Fox Lake Conservation
  7. Longline

    Minnesota at Minnesota State

    Mavs WIN!!!
  8. Longline

    Boar scores!

    Not sure on the age of her. I don't think it was that cubs mom since she chased away the cub out of the bait so she could eat. I assumed it was the big boar that we had been watching on the camera the way the cub got scared out of there. If it was the cubs mom i feel really bad, we try not to shoot sows with cubs. Only good thing would be that the cub wasn't one of this year.
  9. Longline

    Boar scores!

    I love hearing the stories. I have a good one for you. We were watching a big bear on the trail camera for the week prior to hunting. Head in at 2:00 to hunt on opening day. I climb in my stand and my father-in-law puts in some bait and changes the card in the trail camera. I sit until about 5:15 and don't see anything. Then a little cub comes in and starts eating. All of a sudden there is a noise to my right and the cub takes off running. I see a good bear coming in from the right. Let it get to the bait and take it down. I thought for sure it was the big one. Find out it is a nice 250 lbs sow. Get back to camp and they tell me that the big one was in my bait pile 3 minutes before we came in. Knew i should have hunted earlier. oh well, never be mad that i got one though.
  10. Longline

    Road course will be more entertaining?

    Not to stir the pot to bad. But how much do you guys think JJ wrote a check to Ambrose after the race for? Pretty coincedence that Ambrose has that kind of issue which pretty much handed JJ his first road course win.
  11. Longline

    No bear license

    I used the link today on the main Bear Hunting page and it worked and told me i got drawn. Can't wait to go now.
  12. We are at 35 teams, need 15 more. Let me know if you have any questions. thanks
  13. Longline

    Gas Gauge

    That would be great if that was the issue. I have read about a possible ground issue but not really sure how to test that.
  14. Longline

    Gas Gauge

    The gas gauge on our boat just moves a little bit off the needle when we turn the boat on. Any ideas what we need to do to fix this? thanks
  15. Longline

    Final 10 Laps

    I have been thinking that under 10 laps to go that caution laps shouldn't count. That would keep them from having to red flag and might make less Green White Checkers.