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  1. What we all cooking for the big game Sunday!? Smoking a pork shoulder for pulled pork, Chicken wings with a variety of sauces. Homemade salsa, Bloody Mary bar for starters!
  2. I have added by request tater tot hotdish and crock pot chicken noodle soup!
  3. Yeah I have three different pulled porks going.. A mild one, One with a nice bite and one with shut up juice.. That one comes with a warning label!!
  4. Well let's here some superbowl menus! Looking like an 18qrt roaster of chili, crock pot of pulled pork and a endless supply of busch light for starters!
  5. Did another 5 lbs of wings on the grill yesterday along with bacon wrapped peno poppers! Helps me get through watching that purple team along with a few PBR's of course!
  6. I was told I could take something years ago that affected the heart and I said no thanks! Again this was 20 or so years ago and I don't recall what it was!
  7. Keep a pair of choppers along with some extra hand warmers as well. That can get you back in the game under cold conditions!
  8. I will start out the season with smoked turkey breast skin on! A few dozen wings from mild to good luck Monday morning heat! Then some homemade potato salad and a few bloodymarys with homemade spicy green beans and pickles!
  9. Any simple dry rubs out there where a guys doesn't need a napkin after every wing?
  10. I wonder if a guy added a little scorpion pepper sauce to this if it would turn out.
  11. Have 40 Lbs of wings on the way looking to experiment with some new recipes trying to get close to jakes wings kinda like a Jamaican jerk flavor.
  12. I notice you don't use any vinegar in that recipe is it safe to use a water bath with the peppers? How long in the water bath?
  13. I made a gallon of them but I added some of the scorpion pepper hot sauce to the brine and after day 4 wowser! does she have a kick! Those will be bloodymary pickles now!
  14. I have the same thing going on!
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