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  1. Tim now has been gone for 32 years. He was the best driver to ever get behind the wheel of a stock car. There are a lot of what if's. This is mine; there is no telling what kind of legacy Tim would have left behind and what mark he would have left in the sport if him and Harry Hyde would have hooked up when he first came into Nascar. Maybe or maybe not Tim might have lived longer. I don't know. Since after the 86 season I have read and watched a lot of documentraries about him. One of the first articles I read about him after his death was in People magazine. They had interviews with quiet a few people, one of the crew members stated that Tim rather would have a prostitute than have the girl next door. That says it in a nut shell alone. I have read and heard a lot too Tim was also a heavy drinker in the end. (Yes, I know, if it hadn't been for alcohol Nascar might have not materialized into a sport.) Up until the early to mid 80's half the drivers were heavy drinkers. You can tell his sister doesn't like to talk about the Nascar organization and especially Bill France Jr. They did him really low down dirty. Kyle Petty once said at times it's a really cut throat sport. I believe he was referring about Tim the most, cause he was the first who came to mind when he said it. I don't really appreciate what Richard said, and I've read older articles back during after his comeback attempt Richard was the leader in trying to get other drivers to get Nascar to oust him. I do believe Richard was jealous of Tim, and Richard was already washed up as a driver who stayed in the car way too long, he should have retired after the 86 season, and he should retire as a car owner as well since he can't get a good driver, and can't keep one for long if he does get one, and he can't get good sponsorship anymore either. I'm not running the King down the road, I'm telling it the way I see it. But it would have been something if Tim would have stayed healthy. He was a showman, and he was a class act. He was what Nascar needed and needs more like him now. The ones in the garage who didn't like him were mostly jealous of him.
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