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  1. Hi guys, after many years I am finally beginning to build my own wheel house. It'll be 6'x12' with a 3' V. Frame will be from Miltona blacksmith, walls will be 2x3 wood studs. I am up in the air about what kind of siding to use. I'm wondering if smooth aluminum panels without fasteners can be used & properly held in place without spray foaming the interior? I know Im slightly worried about it which is why I am leaning towards the DL-3 panel (installed with fasteners) sold by metal sales in Rogers, similar siding to what ice castle uses. If I decide to use this panel I am wondering how peop
  2. Thanks! When installing the panels did you use J channel on the corners or diamond plate? I was thinking about using diamond plate & using butyl tape to seal up the corners since the panel is corrugated & not flat.
  3. Awesome build! What kind of trim did you use on the exterior outside corners of the house? Is it two pieces of J trim butted together? Also what did you do where the siding meets the frame? Did you just run the siding down ontop of the frame a little bit? Thanks.
  4. Where did you get your siding? I've been trying to find that style of siding with no luck. Also did you J-trim around your windows??
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