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  1. blgoose

    Window advice

    We had anderson renewal come out! loved the presention and windows.To replace all windows, on house $22,065. Would you put $22,000 in new windows in your house? any one have wellington windows put in your house?
  2. blgoose

    striped winch gears

    My warn did the same thing. Took it apart called warned and sent me the parts in 3 days free of charge. Just remember how u took it apart. Its easy
  3. blgoose

    Minnesota combination sportsman license

    Funny u guys bring this up, My wife was [PoorWordUsage] why she couldnt get the hunting like me. The license rep say's well lady thats the way it is. Well get me a hunting license too then. Problem sovled
  4. blgoose

    Plowing snow off grass

    I am banking my snow about 4 feet on both sides of my driveway.So I have 4 feet of exposed grass. Will this kill my grass off.Planning ahead, so if we really get dumped on this winter.I don't run out of room for snow.
  5. blgoose

    Toy or Tank?

    I have'nt used any thing else then Penn..Love my 714 which is over 20 years old.I got turn on to penn reels back in my salt water fishing day Padre Island Tx.All the charter captians used Penn. My Mn Buddies never heard of Penn reels I own 5, all on st croix rods.Love em
  6. blgoose

    Seem like a Good Idea.

    Riding you bike down a big hill from left field using the baseball bench as a jump and flying into the chain link fence 5 feet off the ground seem like a good ideal.
  7. blgoose

    What Brought you here?

    Found my fix when the Dnr forum was pulled.I too loved to read the battles with John from brainerd Bonsana Explorer Tailfeathers And Catwomen in the atv forum. Were does the time go...Member since 2000 # 375 Great site..
  8. blgoose

    Trail Sticker

    My sled is up for 3 year renewal. I had to get a stud sticker in the past.My unerstanding is the trail sticker replaces stud sticker! So I need it, reguardless were I ride my sled. Member # 375
  9. blgoose

    Trail Sticker

    OK here's a little twiss, there's a feeder trail, which is not groomed.Its comes off the boat landing and runs across the lake to a main trail.I have never seen dnr use it, I think only locals and weekend warriors know about it.The regs just are not clear. I'll just spend the $$$$ on 3 year sticker. Thanks for your input.
  10. blgoose

    Trail Sticker

    I have 92 long track with studs. I have retired it to the cabin. The sled is only used to run from cabin garage to the ice house on the lake. I no I needed a stud sticker to do this in the past, but now the trail sticker has replace the stud sticker.So do I need to get a trail sticker. The dnr web site isnt very clear to me about just lake riding.
  11. blgoose

    Mini Z

    I bought my son a mini z didnt read my paper work from the dealer.I received my 3 year license from the dnr.My question why does he need a license, and now that he has a license were can he legally ride. he's only 8.My plan was for him to ride around the yard and up at the lake. Wasnt planning on him doing any trail rides. So should I get a refund from the dealer. Cost me extra $79.50
  12. blgoose

    Which ATV Blade?

    I have 01 54 inch v plow on 500 ho its the tube style mount.LOVE IT.I been looking for new plow for the 06 x2.I was looking at the razor> what do you think about the new mounting system? Looks like most of the weight is on the front end.I watched the video I like the quick install & uninstall.The push tube has mounting in middle of atv and havent had any problems, I am concern about the new system and all weight and force is up front. Any thoughts. Blgoose
  13. I opened my boxes for my electric start for my 04 gade and 03 beaver.To my suprise only words and no pictures. The dealer wants $200.00 per sled for install I already have $500.00 in for the starters.Can anyone steer me in the direction for the install with pictures.A man that never reads directions, and always has extra parts HELP!
  14. blgoose

    any one know

    I'd paddle or motor South of St Paul Park on the river, PENTIFUL little fingers off the river by Grey Cloud Island would offer a good set up.I have only hunted this area when every thing else is locked up!
  15. I got my renewal for truck.The back states, word for word. CAB CARD If your vehicle is taxed based on the gross weight of the vehicle, you must keep this card in vehicle at all times.What ever this means