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  1. I'm looking to buy a new handgun, I want to get a 45 cal. I currently carry a Glock 19 everyday and love it but I want to give this one to my wife and get myself something else. Curious what you guys carry and use... I know it comes down to feel in my hand. I love the look of a 1911 but also feel that something that pretty isnt practical for everyday use... maybe I'm wrong...? thanks!
  2. bassman186

    Big Walleyes moving up

    that is cool!!
  3. bassman186

    Walking Dead

  4. bassman186

    Walking Dead

    I'm guessing Maggie dies, after the scene where she states Glenn wont need a photo of her anymore... its just too cliche. Also what happened to Beth... will we find out? and Daryl may die... after all he had no part in the comic... but then again this isn't the comic.
  5. bassman186

    Smoked Chicken Wing recipe?

    Here is a little before and after, they were awesome!
  6. Anyone got a good one? looking to make wings for about 30 people Saturday. thanks!
  7. bassman186

    Purchasing my first smoker

    is that worth the wait?
  8. bassman186

    Purchasing my first smoker

    Budget is a max of $250 for the smoker itself. Like the idea of electric or propane from what I've read out there... looking to smoke fish, ribs, brisket... I'm kind of adventurous when it come to that... willing to try different things...
  9. I'm looking to purchase my first smoker... I know there a lot to choose from and a lot of price ranges out there. I'm looking for something fairly inexpensive but also one that is easy to setup and use. any input and thoughts would be great thanks!
  10. Went out this morning in chaska... had no luck... wonder if my spot was picked already or I'm in a bad spot? had alot of elms and dead elms... ALOT of dead leaves on the ground...
  11. bassman186

    First Bow Kill!

    way to go!
  12. bassman186


    sounds good to me!
  13. bassman186


    I have a feeling you and I will be meeting at that spot a few times this summer :-) Did you ever find a pontoon?
  14. bassman186


    So even though mother nature is gonna make it tough for opener to happen May 1st I am wondering if any guys have any openings for a partner in there boat this season to shoot some fish?
  15. bassman186