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  1. The new meat/skinning pole is up and ready for bear camp! Bear season is fast approaching and the addition of two new guides with 6 guides total, our camp is growing each year. We have done so many improvements to our camp this summer our clients are in for a great time with a Northwoods bear camp experience. AliceKae Wiese, Myself and our staff are committed to your service! BEAR CAMP 2020 Ask below for more info.
  2. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SEASON IT HAS BEEN SO FAR, AND WE'RE JUST GETTING STARTED! Now, certainly hitting some of the best fishing of the season for ALL species!!! Walleyes have been on the chow on most of the midsized bodies of water along the weed edges, sunken humps and bars anywhere from 12” to 28” of water. Keep an eye on the primary transition areas such as sand to muck, boulders to gravel, weeds to sand (etc.) These areas are key right now. Leech Lake does have a bug hatch going on currently, but the fish are still active and hitting. Slowing down your troll, and using simpler presentat
  3. Well the results for the 2020 Minnesota Bear Lottery have been posted, which has many of those who were lucky in drawing a permit starting to formulate a plan. One main question being, to hire a guide or not? As a licensed Master Bear Guide, we receive calls all throughout the year of people inquiring about Bear Hunting in Minnesota. As many of us know, Minnesota Bear Permits are issued by lottery only although there is a large portion of the state that is “no-quota” which allows you to purchase a tag over the counter. A majority of calls are from those who understand our points system and hav
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