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  1. Blackstone grills and griddles are amazing and they worth their price. I've bought 22" after 2-years-usage of Wolfgang Puck electric reversible grill and griddle and just regret that I didn't buy it 2 years ago. In comparisson to Blackstone, WP (Wolfgang Puck) is the worst griddle I've used. It doesn't heat evenly. The further you get from the plug, the hotter it gets. The grill lines transfer to the griddle surface, making lines in everything you cook on the thing. And the worst part of WP is grease catch. It's really hard to clean. So, I'm really happy with my 22" now. Especially a
  2. When I want to relax I just turn on jazz. One of my favourite - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.
  3. Nice thread Watched the photos and now want to eat... I like grilled food, moreover, we had grilled veggies for dinner yesterday
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