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  1. I currently have 4 boats I guess if you count duck boats and winter river fishing boats. I have had several. Lund pro v, Ranger 690, Alumacraft TP and navigator. and Tuffy. I have fished out of and driven the 618 and 620 tillers and 2090 warrior and 2075 pro guide as well. In rough water and for tracking there is no comparison to the Warriors. If I could spend every day in 2 footers or less I do really like the Pro guide, but it will make you pee blood when it's really rough and gets tough to maneuver when the wind howls, in my opinion. Same with the Alumacraft and with the Alumacraft yo
  2. Funny now 10 years later I will add to this discussion. I have a 2010 Warrior 1890. It looks awesome still with no hazing or cracking. Livewells, hinges, seats and bases, decking, carpet, all looks great. I started with a 115 and had a warranty replacement and went to the 140 Suzuki. It is the best boat I have been in next to the 2090. I like Lund pro Guides and Alumacraft Navigators when the water is flat. I like the Ranger 620 tiller minus the layout and the same for the 618T but...The 618 in big rough water with that 90 will wear you out and have you fighting all day. My 1890 track
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