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  1. I just purchased a LX7 lithium shuttle on 1/15 /2020 Took it to LOTW used it Fri the 24th and it worked fine. After a charge overnight it wouldn't start up Sat. Took it back on 1/27/2020 and they gave me a new one. 2.5hr round trip.. Started up in the store, Got it home installed my settings and saved them. Tried to restart it and it wouldn't. I put a full charge into it (was at 74%) and it started fine. Waited 15 min and it wouldn't restart and still won't. The USB and keys light up so its not the fuse. Any ideas? I am going to return the 2nd unit but now i am gun shy. I loved it while it was running. I have a FLX 28 iv'e used for several years but got this for the wife when she goes. Any ideas? We are goint to Mille Lacs in 3 days.
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