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  1. I would definitely love to! But probably won’t be able to with this quarantine mess going on...
  2. I’ll have to keep those spots in mind. Mainly trying for them this year to have some fun and maybe use them for cats. If you have any more information please do share!!! Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know if the rumors about lake trout being in Cenaiko are true? Would love to have a chance at some of them if they are true!!
  4. Hey guys! First post on here so I apologize if I am not following rules. I really want to get into sucker fishing this spring and I know that rivers are the best spot for any sucker. Now I work at the Sportsman’s Warehouse in coon rapids, right by the rum river dam. After talking with a few people about sucker fishing over there I started to hear that the dam gets absolutely thick with suckers during the run. Is there any truth to this? Where along the river should I fish? Is the rum even a good place to target them? thanks in advance!
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