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  1. Thanks, I read that also but the button seems to be fine but I'll take a closer look to see maybe cabellas sold me a returned item as it's been like that since day one but it being close to my other one i thought it was all good.
  2. Thanks for the replies I'm hoping to find someone who had the simulator mode problem and what they did to fix it but any help is always appreciated
  3. My hummingbird ice 55 wont get off simulator mode nor power off when in off position had it for 3 years always reads 12 foot depth no matter the depth when 1st bought thought it was correct as my helix would say 11.5 or 12 foot as i usually fished the same spot everytime now out trying new areas it reads 12 foot even in 6 foot when testing at home learned simulator wont shut off nor device
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