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  1. Voltage drop needs to be considered as well that is the only reason why I am thinking of just going with 12 AWG. I was just thinking of buying a roll each of red and black stranded THHN for 12VDC but curious if that be a bad idea and should use something like a marine type cable but that seems over kill? https://www.amazon.com/American-Tinned-Oxygen-Copper-Sheathed/dp/B0799HTZB5/ref=mp_s_a_1_12?keywords=marine+cable&qid=1580136110&sprefix=marine+cable&sr=8-12
  2. Yeah you have a good point, will have a generator.
  3. Just got my house this weekend so will be starting shortly and will definitely share some pics during the process. I feel like I have a good plan now.
  4. Wiring the 12VDC circuit in fish house and have a few questions: 1. What gauge recommended 14-2 or 12-2? 2. What type of wire are you using? Stranded? Marine grade? thanks
  5. rl_sd what WFCO series do you use? I Am trying to figure out if it is worth paying the cost to go to a 40A for future spare capacity vs the 35A. Any thoughts on that.
  6. I am in the beginning stage of finishing off my Yetti fish house and was looking at Power converters. Looking for Suggestions if I should go with a WFCO or Progressive Dynamics brand, any reason why one vs the other?
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