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  1. Thank you Steve, but I guess this Rioyalo sleeping bag is a very very budget option... People claiming on false advertised features. Temperature rating shows 5-35 Celcius not Fahrenheit, which means 41-89°F. And I will not be camping in temps higher than 20-30* F. In the Colorado Rockies (say, above 9000 feet), you can expect frosty nights at any time. I would not venture out, even in midsummer, with less than a 20-32*F bag. And for the price, it certainly cannot be goose or duck down filled, that is going to be really cold in the mountains. I am not so low on a budget And considered on purchasing smth from AEGISMAX or Kelty with the same fill power. And Teton Sports sleeping bag would be much intriguing alternative for a budget sleeping bag that this Rioyalo. Teton Sports is also US manufacturer, and the second is Chinese I suppose...
  2. Hey folks, I'm looking for a 3-season bag for Colorado Rockies. The WM Summerlite (32 degree) would probably be a perfect choice for me. It's light, at 19 oz, and obviously excellent quality. I like fully hooded sleeping bags. Just every single review website on the web PRAISING it. But it it costs about 380$... Any other bags, similar in cold rating and weight, that would be less expensive? It's not neccessarilly be hooded or goose down, dri-down or even synthetic will do...I guess... I know the rule - "You get what you pay for" But I really believe it is possible to find smth close to WM Summerlite? Thanks
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