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  1. Yes, I'm sure not complaining about the upgrade. Looking forward to putting some hours on her.
  2. Standard boat weight goes from 1520 to 1685, but fuel tank increases by 10Gal, may want a 36V trolling motor instead of 24V, bigger motor, so it can snowball quite easily into a substantial weight and price difference.
  3. Looking at rigging my 2025 Impact for night fishing for this coming muskie season. Anybody have any tips or pics of exterior lighting ideas?
  4. Just got the 2025 impact this fall(wife surprised me with it). Absolutely love this boat. We were looking at the 1875 also, she went in and didn't have the color she knew I'd like so she went to the 2025. Did have a recall on my 200V8 Merc right away, but did get it out 3 times and it handles beautifully. While I had the recall, I got a loaner Adventurer with a 115. Couldnt believe how easy it cavitated compared to mine. So one thing I would recommend is a stainless prop. Maybe you ended up picking one up already?
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