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  1. Did not thought of that. This would work for family trips. How much would that cost you? I only have one carrier https://www.jeepsareus.com/sku/tckay883.html (wishing there would be a double deck for my kayaks. I am thinking of towing it if I would do this but my only problem is if it would not fall while I'm on the way.
  2. We do that every February 14 but for Christmas we mix some alcohol that we will store for a year and drink that the next Christmas.
  3. The satisfaction of pictures like this is like
  4. Changed my mirror today to this https://www.allmoparparts.com/sku/82215276ac.html last Tuesday. Installed a tow mirror just for me to have a much farther view while driving. Having problems when transferring a lane.
  5. Looks like his skin was ripped by the cat's nails. Just add some iodine and don't let him scratch it. Try putting some collar on him.
  6. I think a slow cooked meal for that for aprox 24 hours won't work! Maybe try grinding it and adding some meat tenderizer. What if you boil if first and also use a pressure cooker to make it as a stew.
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