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  1. My thought was building an axle similar to this. Then instead of using cranks I was going to use some 5000lb Square Bullydog jacks. Then making a handle I could put my impact on to lift and lower the Ice House. With having the camper, I already have the axle, electric brakes and springs. Its just the matter of welding it up and making it work. This is an example of the Clipper Ice, which Im trying to duplicate, just trying to find the dimensions.
  2. I got the floor and walls ripped out. Im starting fresh, down to studs on everything. Im at the stage where I will get the wheel wells cut out and the drop axles built. Then the fun stuff begins, hopefully all done before the ice sets in.
  3. So Im starting my second Ice House build. Last years worked but wanted to improve. This year I bought a 2010 8x16 camper that was flooded to start out with. I couldnt pass it up at $400. I completely gutted the camper down to the studs. My next step is to cut out the wheel wells to get ready to take to the machine shop to build the drop axles. My question is what is the dimensions of the wheel wells on a Ice Castle or similar brand? I live in SW Iowa and we don't have many Ice Houses around for me to compare to. Id like to get the wheel wells rough cut out before I take it to the fabricator. Thanks in advance This is the camper Im starting with.
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