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  1. dont know if every one knows eggs are 99 cents/doz at Kwik Trip right now. Cant even raise your own for that!
  2. Honestly the last time i took a sniff it wasnt good #mouthbreather
  3. Mine still hasn't been warshed and im still here
  4. thanks! once everything gets back to normal we hope to pull the trigger. i hope to slow down one of these years getting kinda tired of the hours been at it 8+ years of driving truck. I came to that realization when i was home one day putting away the kids laundry.... A. i had no idea where they went. B. had no idea what was whos... as the line goes "its a pretty good living, but it aint no life" wouldn't mind getting some fishing time in as well
  5. nothing has changed here 70+ hour weeks. looking for a bigger property hoping to find a lot that i can diy build debt free
  6. while crossing back over the river down at red wing yesterday by the launch, (a mad house mind you) somebodys cooler was sitting square in the middle of the road on the bridge. Needless to say it got turned into confetti by my semi trailer. Your welcome! strap down your stuff guys this isnt that hard
  7. seen under the hood of a semi recently. for the most part you can no longer see the engine its so covered in garbage. then again the climate we live in up here doesn't help either with the salt bath.
  8. i wonder how hard they are to get to with all the stuff surrounding those engines.... could very well turn a easy job into a sob
  9. is gander outdoors still as crappy as it use to be since the change over? Maybe we can get a sticky for smaller bait shops with addresses, websites, locations etc
  10. you got it soak in water peel back husk put that goodness on the kernels put husk back over corn grill maybe 7-10 min delicious. put the grill on low otherwise you may light them up youll know by the smoke
  11. dont have any pictures for ya but usually corn still with the husk on with a red pepper flake,butter,minced onion, a splash of honey. pork chops, usually try to cook an 7-8lb chicken a week, dont ask i get em from a buddy who raises them. can usually get a few meals out of em. drumsticks but i cant seem to get them not to be so chewy. ill post some pics soon
  12. Must be a rough life i tell ya havent been on a vacation since dec/12 havent been up north to the wifes parents place in 3 years and starting next week we go from 70/5 to 95/7. The only positive ill be mort/ debt free by 33. Then i can work part time 40/4 or prefferably 40/3
  13. does it really matter? i mean its gonna be a 4-0/ 4-1 sweep by the yanks come playoff time. I know I know Im a terrible person
  14. haven't had cable for 3+ years now if i can get my internet bill back down it will be great thinking of going back to frontier half the cost run netflix and antenna in the attic. most of the time i just check the news on the phone. other then that its disney movies. we do get some chatter since the metal roof went on but no big deal
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