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  1. Speaking of lures I remembered something... Recently I have been trying to understand how to fish at night, was never really much of a fan before. Don’t overload yourself with tackle when fishing at night. Use a smaller tackle box and make use of two or three separate, small containers for all the necessary items like hooks, weights, small bait etc. Night-fishing success means not using bright lights and being very quiet. I feel in love with my new glow in the dark fishing lure, it is so underrated, there are quite a lot of these glow in the dark lures at places like Amazon and such. According
  2. My "BROWNING STRIKE FORCE SUB MICRO" was a dream. It really stands out for its exceptional daylight clarity and amazing battery life. The images this game camera can capture put most 12MP cameras to shame. It also uses power very efficiently, even with heavy use of video – especially if you install a set of lithium batteries. You can expect several months’ use out of them which is even more impressive when you consider that it runs on six AAs, instead of the more common eight.
  3. They only have 2 options in life: 1 - get hunted. 2 - get ran over.
  4. I am really happy with my GPSMAP 64st GPS. It comes preloaded with 250,000 geocaches locations and 5,000 waypoints. This GPS also has built-in worldwide base-map with shaded relief. Quite simple. Even under dense cover this unit will provide an extremely accurate location. This makes it ideal for any hunter that is looking for some good hunting gear, for small game trails and other features that require a high degree of accuracy.
  5. How was cooking in the snow for you? I've always felt like it's a bit challenging. What was your go-to recipe on the trip? I was thinking about going on one myself and so far these recipes served me well but I don't know how they'll taste in the cold https://under-the-open-sky.com/five-great-food-ideas-for-your-outdoor-adventure/ If you have some advice to share, feel free to tell us. I doubt many people mastered cooking in the cold but the trip alone is, of course, a serious achievement. Well done.
  6. Any fishing shop around my parts has nothing that I would like. I usually get anything fishing or hunting related from Amazon these days...
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