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  1. I have a nice truck, but.... For 1 week a year there are things that I would like to change/add. Keyless start would go with keyless entry, like the new ranger boat, punch in your number and go. I can not turn off my lights on my gmc sierra. I install 12v electronics professionally but I wouldn't feel as comfortable cutting into wiring harnesses to add switches as I am tearing all wiring from a boat and doing it from scratch. I'm not trying to hide from the animals, I don't want people to know where my hunting spots are and chrome sticks out bad. I go farther and climb higher and sit longer than 95% of fellow hunters which is why I average 6.3 deer/year (legally) but people who know of my success will seek out my parking spot and return thinking that its the only good spot to hunt. Anyways... I was just trying to open up a friendly conversation about a perfect hunting rig to get people out of the political talk that HSO seems to be about. My best stand is walking distance from my house so all I need a truck for is to retrieve my bucks. Was hoping for something besides abrasive comments and criticism that seems to follow most of my posts. I'm sorry I will quietly read and keep my fingers away from the keyboard. I made it into the ALL TIME RECORD BOOK with a 172" typical public land giant when I drove a 2000 Chev Malibu 24k gold edition anyway. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful time.
  2. I wish manufacturers would offer a truck that is "hunter friendly". 1. I want a truck that has keyless entry, so if I lock my keys in or lose them in the woods it doesn't matter. 2. I want to be able to turn my headlights off when the truck is running, so I can wait for shooting light without the high beams cutting through the trees. 3.The loud DING-DING-DING when the door is opened would not be necessary because of #1. 4. Run flat tires would be standard. 5. A handy man style jack with solid spots to jack from on the outside of the truck and 2 spares also. 6. Heated cup holder with direct wiring so when I get back to the truck after a morning sit in a cold tree, my coffee is still hot. No leaky thermos putting my coffee on my seat. 7. Winch and arm mounted to the bed to load big game with 1 hand. 8. Matte finish camo and no chrome to reflect sunlight. 9. Remote start works from over 1 mile away, or pre heated coolant so you have heat instantly. 10. Bullet holders on the door and dash so they aren't rolling around on the floor when you need them. 11. Spot light for pre season shining, where legal. 12. 4 wheel steering for dead end trail turnaround. 13. Built in heated/cooled dog kennel. One wouldn't necessarily need all of these, but to customize the package to Hunter's preference would be great. What would your hunting rig have on it to improve your success and pleasure??
  3. People might not wanna post all their honey holes... I heard the fish in Canada are ALWAYS biting... Bigger too, Aye?
  4. Wow, I just noticed that this one of the most popular posts.
  5. There is tons of old threads that hold some decent opinions. I have found past seasonal posts that appeared to be good current info on a few things such as morels and area rut activity. I just got my first puppy and have used the 'hunting dog' threads to speed up my training efforts. But for the most part, I think there are a few readers but nobody with any good outdoor conversation, new advice or current fishing reports that are posting. Finns hasn't been to Canada for a few years, so he's can't help. Leech~~ checks for new posts daily though, and usually replies.Thanks for posting, dmoore. Good question! P.S. If you have any good fishing spots to post on here, please do, we won't fish in your spot, will we leech~~
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