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  1. I'll have to watch a video or two to get my brain in the magnet mode, once I get my magnet in the mail. I was already told about a high end spear in a nearby shallow lake and a shotgun in a deep local lake. There has also been historical newspaper articles about a couple meteorites that landed in a couple local lakes.. I probably won't find a dam thing worth my time but it would be nice to fish for something I can actually use instead of fish. But if I have an old jigging spoon, from the lake bottom, stuck to the magnet... Does that count as a fishing line??
  2. I couldn't decide on a perfect fit for this subject, so this will have to be good enough. I recently ordered a powerful double sided magnet for retrieving metal objects from the bottom of the lake/river. I have talked to a few people over the years that 'fish' this way. I think it would work on some spots extremely well. Unfortunately a lot of things that I would like to 'catch' aren't magnetic. My GF once lost my St. Croix Mojo Musky rod with a Shimano 400B on it. I don't think that the magnet would retrieve this combo, the Musky Mayhem Supermodel attached to it could possibly be pulled to th
  3. I'm no bird expert, but I'd like to think one of those big neon signs that lights up orange with "OPEN" on it, would help!!
  4. I live on the North side of a small 100 acre lake, I haven't removed my dock for several years. The ice melts away from shore on the North side first and is well beyond the dock by the time it starts getting pushed around by the wind. Last year the wind came from the south and I thought the ice was going to crush the dock. When I finally went down to the lake to look, I saw that the ice had deteriorated enough that it did no damage. So, I would like to think that you should be able to leave it in. If the ice moves when your poles are still frozen in, it might drag the dock 'out to sea' but tha
  5. Most of the fish I've caught out of the abyss were caught just above the thermocline or high in the water column (1'-15' down). A friend of mine once caught a 31" hog walleye on a top raider over 100'+ of water. That's just one of the many hogs to come into my boat that were 0'-5' under the surface in mega deep water. So, keep your lures above the kill zone on slot lakes and you'll still get bit.
  6. Tonight I caught crappie, bass, big bluegills, rock bass, pike and a snapping turtle.... All after 11pm! Try it sometime, tiny black jigs for big nocturnal bluegills. Loud Black topwaters for Pike n bass. Bring extra flashlight batteries and bug spray, lots of bug spray!!!
  7. It is rough, working all day then fishing after work till 10-11 usually. Sometimes I decide to go out fishing before work instead. I prefer my winter schedule of sleeping all day and fishing crappie, walleye or pout all night. Sometimes I'll do 20 on/12 off, where I fish for 20 hours straight and sleep for 12 hours. I fish harder than most people work.. it's not always easy but it's the life I choose!! House is paid for and firewood is free, otherwise things would probably be a little different. Fishing is more like an addiction than a hobby. If I wasn't good at it, things would probably be d
  8. They call it 'No Man's Land' because nobody fishes it, unless they are lost, stupid or their locator is in simulation mode. That works for me because that's my comfort zone. Most people wouldn't believe the numbers of trophy fish I have caught in water that's over 50' deep. Recently I was out on a local lake trolling for walleyes in deep water with shallow and medium diving crankbaits, and I noticed 3 other boats that were avoiding the normal structure. Maybe their locators were broken or in demo mode, but for there to be 4 of us driving slowly around the open water, it seemed like more than a
  9. Crazy thing just happened to me while fishing off my dock... Was throwing a topwater, not paying attention, and SPLASH, I set the hook and nothing there. As I was reeling in to try that spot again, I heard something in the big pine next to the dock, but didn't think anything of it. Recasted and heard something again, turned my headlight on in time to see an owl heading to and then kinda hovering over my lure... I thought that was weird... A couple casts later I hooked a small bass.... Then I lift it out of the water and as I'm reaching for it, the crazy owl swoops down and about hit me as it
  10. I troll for muskies, fast with big baits! I also am in over 1000 boats each year, often drilling holes from tiny to speaker size often below the water line. If you drill 3 of 4 holes (3 bolts with locknuts and washers is plenty solid) to mount a Scotty base, you will not regret it. Most brands of rod holders will fit in them, I use Scotty, and a big fish can pull you around all day by it. And they make accessories to put in the bracket, from beverage holders to pullies for anchors. Also can use the base itself for anchor or dock tie off. Scotty also offers a few different styles itself. I have
  11. Someone who spotted you in 'their spot' may be sabotaging your vessel, or you are just another unlucky Mercury owner, then repairs are seemingly endless.
  12. It's like nobody is dumb enough to break their own boat, it is always the brother in-law!!
  13. I called Gary at the local warranty service shop, thank you snagfinder and wanderer for the help though, I greatly appreciate it. The boat owner only knew what the seller had told him.... We all know that nobody would give misleading information to sell something to someone.
  14. Installing a used trolling motor and it has no identifying numbers except serial number. Does anyone know how to tell what pound thrust or if it's 12 or 24 volt?? Thanks.
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