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  1. Better to spend 1200 on something useful than 500 on something you regret... The day may come when you'll need it to get to shore on a rough day. That's my thoughts!
  2. Today is my first day back to work, fixing and rigging boats. I don't think I could handle working 12 months/year. Having 5 months to deer hunt and ice fish is something I enjoy very much. How many of you have seasonal jobs that let an outdoorsman get a chance to be outdoors, and what do you do?
  3. Unfortunately it's wasn't anywhere close to an area that I hunt and there was a ladder stand in every other tree.
  4. I saw this one way before the pup would have scented it, at my 2nd spot today. First spot was destroyed from the recent thinning of the pine trees. My first typical 6!
  5. I don't know about open water sunnies, but the under ice sunnies are going strong. Caught 9 on my jigging rap tonight while crappie fishing.
  6. Sunnies stop biting??!!??
  7. If its on public land, you are breaking the law. That said, I see no harm in it. It makes a clean kill more likely and helps you identify exactly what you are shooting at, not just a deer. Personally I like to create a path of least resistance leading by my stand. Some spots need a little brush trimming! I also like to clean up my trail so I can quietly get to my stand. All done legally on my own land... Of course.
  8. My lake is still froze up tight, but there has been a pair of geese sitting on the ice for over 2 weeks. They sit in the same spot everyday, occasionally flying a few laps around the lake. Is this behavior common? I don't recall seeing these "squatters" before.
  9. ABSOLUTELY!! Thank you ....That's exactly why I hate them!! There isn't enuf antlers or morels in the world worth suffering from Lymes Disease for. I always wear repellant soaked white pants and shirts with rubber boots in the spring when collecting sheds or morels. Is there any fresh antlers being found out there, now that the majority of the snow is gone?? Wanderer, it's your turn! I like the foggy days like we had this morning for looking, makes it harder to see the "STAY OUT" signs that litter my good spots
  10. My pup managed to score again.... Not bone but her first deer tick!! I hate those tiny critters. Everything but south slopes are still thick with snow cover. I hit a cedar covered island near Hackensack today, not as much sign as a was hoping for.
  11. My 4 month old scored her first shed today! We've been training for this day pretty hard lately, I knew she could do it! I'll have to try to find the other side of this future giant tomorrow.
  12. I would remove a floor panel if the sender isn't accessible and pull the sender out. Make a 'rag on a stick' and mop it dry.... But that's just me.... Siphoning at the correct angle will get most of it. If it has an antisiphon valve (most outboards don't) you can pump it out with the primer bulb slowly... Worst case, remove sender to siphon directly, then mop it. Or.... Use a pump
  13. It should siphon thru fuel hose assembly. May have to add length to get below the boat floor.
  14. Ditto... I have 1001 reasons to never run anything but 91 non oxy in any small engine. I have 2002 reasons for using ONLY 91octane non oxygenated non ethanol premium in your Carbureted Yamaha 4 stroke outboard. I've been a fixing/rigging yamaha outboards for 20 years. If you want more reasons just search "phase separation". NOBODY SAVES MONEY BUYING THE CHEAP GAS FOR THEIR BOAT! Drain and mop out tank and replace all fuel filters. Then use the good gas. Carbs may be need a thorough ultrasonic cleaning from the dump gas already.
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