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  1. Fished friday out in monona bay, and filmed a fun game we made up. check out the footage, and if anyone ever wants to come out and play a round let me know!
  2. Been doing pretty good thru the ice lately. Fished down in Lake Mills a few times and didnt do all that well. But Monona and waubesa have been producing. Ive got a few of the outtings on film, and on my youtube channel. Check out this one, where i took a friend out for his first time on the ice and we CRUSHED em!
  3. Took a friend of mine out for his first time ice fishing. He seemed to enjoy himself, and we caught over 75 fish in a few hours. Check out the video below. I am going to try to do this once a month or so, and take out someone who has never fished before, and film the experience.
  4. Nice. I just picked up my G2 finally. This thing is bloody sweet
  5. I have repaired a few shanties over the years. This is a video from my most recent repair, and it has held up great since. I used a little hot glue off camera after the fact to protect from abrasions. https://youtu.be/FsraCusDzds Post a photo of what happened to yours, and i might be able to help a little bit more.
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