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    Ez Ducer?

    Well, I bought one of these and after using it, wouldn't go back to the old way ever!! Has nothing to do with lazy, just way more efficient!!! I was Tired of losing big fish because of them wrapping in the cable before I could get it out of the water. Didn't always happen but I know you have had it happen also. You can preset stops for any transducer depth you want, push a button and it is up, quick and out of the way. I spray some Rainx deicer on the cable and it never freezes. Fits on my Lithium Ion shuttle perfectly and folds back so it still goes into 5 gallon bucket if you want. Hole hopping is way better because there is no cable hanging down. I velcro the remote with outdoor velcro right to my rod handle so it is always a touch away. This thing is well made and not junk... I am not affiliated in any way, I just like products that help fisherman catch more fish. just wanted to give MHO about the unit.
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