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  1. WOW!--has it been that long? I'm not dead, or at least I don't think so??? I also didn't give up on photography, I sold one lens. You got some not quite accurate info there Mikey! The simple truth is that I got really burned out on the forums. Not just here, but also on the other 312 that I spent time on, and I know you know what I'm talking about. My kids are getting old enough now to actually have fun with, and all that time that I spent perusing the forums starting turning into time with my kids, and my forum neglected wife. The biggest change for me though came when I completely rededicated myself to the Lord, and because of that, I have changed my goals for what I want out of my life. Being fully involved in my church in Waconia also takes up quite a bit of my time. I have a full time involvement in our worship ministry (playing guitar on Sunday mornings), and I just recently took over the leadership of the men's ministry. Things are just different for me and my life is so much better because of it. As far as photography... I got very, and I mean very, burned out. Most of you know that I loved, and still do, bird photography--especially waterfowl. I spent a number of years however shooting horses, and rodeos in order to pay for all of the photographic equipment necessary to maintain my love of bird photography. The truth of the matter though, is that it got to be so much work, and so much time doing the horse thing, that I lost my love of having my camera in hand. For about the last year and a half, I loathed to even pick the camera up. I made the decision that this was not what I wanted for my life, and decided to give up on the horse/rodeo thing, and last year was my last year of it, with the exception of one show already booked for this year. In truth, I am looking forward to spending the summer teaching my daughter photography. She loves taking pics of butterflies, and bugs? Eventually, I am sure that my love of photography will return, but for now my time, and effort is in my music, and living my life for the Lord. It is truly nice to know that I have been missed, and I apologize for my absence. I cannot tell you that I will be back with everyday sort of posting, but I will definitely check in from time to time. I might even post a pic or two, I mean surely I came up with something in three years that somebody might make a nice comment about:) God bless each of you and thanks, Tom Wilson
  2. I don't get it, and have a question. Where and how do we vote? I thought this was just a freindly competition between FM members, but I don't see any links on how we get to vote on them. Did I miss something? Lastly, if it is something where other people are voting on it, when does that happen? Just curious, Tom W
  3. Ray, I ran tournaments for several years here on the south end of town. Waconia is an excellent lake, and if fished earlier in the year, it is guaranteed that everyone will be able to weigh big bags. It is very easy to acquire permission as well. My last tournament was summer of 05, and they didn't even require a permit. There is also a large beach area (at the ramp, not the public beach) for holding the weigh in, and 25 boats can easily be beached there. The parking and ramp have already been mentioned. I couldn't attend the one last year due to work, and hopefully this year's event will be on a day that I can work out. Just my thoughts... God bless, Tom W
  4. Dan, that second one has me wanting open water. Nice job. God bless, Tom W
  5. Looks like your putting that lens to good use. These are pretty good. You keep after it, I know you'll get better. A person can't have that much desire to do something and not get better at it. God bless, Tom W
  6. There are many good photography sites out there. Some of the better nature / bird sites are Naturescapes, photomigrations, outdoor eyes, fred miranda, steve's digicams and don't forget Nikonians. There's so many it ain't even funny. Your best friend will be your manual. Good luck and God bless, Tom W
  7. I agree sir. We did try a couple of times, but it just didn't seem to work out. For sure this year though, as I'm already looking forward to spring. If you're willing to come down to Waconia after Bass opener, I can promise you we'll get on em'. God bless, Tom W
  8. These look nice Michael. The last one is great. God bless, Tom W
  9. Aren't you glad it was a cloudy gloomy day when you got this close to a great looking bird on a great perch??? God bless, Tom W
  10. These are nice Michael. I like the first one, but I too would like to see that bruiser during bow season next year. God bless, Tom W
  11. Man they are colorful birds. These look nice Mike, and you did a great job on the exposure. Are these cropped at all? God bless, Tom W
  12. I have gotten completely tired of these grey, dark, cloudy, miserable days lately. Decided I'd try to do something different and photograph something without fur or feathers. This is a shot of one of my other hobbies. God bless, Tom W This was taken using a single flash handheld about two feet over the camera. D2X / ISO 100 / 60mm macro lens / F22 / 1/60th of a sec. / omni bounce FD
  13. AAAAWWWWWWW! That's a really cute shot. Too bad about the one branch sticking right up through the center and blocking the eye, but that is how they hide and survive, so it's not really a bad thing. Great shot. God bless,
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