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  1. Terrible service and terrible business model. Here's the story: We ordered a custom wheelhouse from Tom after reading great reviews. He claimed 3-4 months to build our ice house at time of purchase/deposit. 10 months later, after he indicated '2 more weeks' for two months, we received our money back. During our last conversation about receiving our money back, he indicated he would give us a call when the house was finished, if we hadn’t purchased anything we could buy the finished house from him. We searched for a little over a month and hadn't found what we were looking for. At this time I email Tom to confirm he intends on reaching out when the house is complete. Remember... it's been ‘almost finished’ for months now. He says ‘I thought you had something picked out.’ I reiterated our last conversation, he responds with ‘Its not finished, Maybe it would be best to look for something else.’ This 100% confirmed my suspicion that the house hadn’t even been started. I wouldn’t recommend anyone do business with Tom or Performance Engineering.
  2. (320) 864-5389 I played phone tag with him for awhile, ultimately I was able to reach him at this number. Are you waiting for a shack or looking to purchase one?
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