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  1. Thanks guys. Your kind words means alot to me and my family. This was definitely a place dad could go and start writing to help take his mind off of the numerous Doctor visits and the rounds of chemotherapy. He was a fighter and fought a long 2 1/2 year Battle with cancer but in the end the cancer took him away from us too soon. As I look threw his writings I see alot of fictional and non-fictional writings but alot was so relavent to what was going on in his everyday life. This was the world that he created. My dad was such a gifted author, I know he talked about writing a book on the waters
  2. I love you Dad! My father Bobby bass aka Danny Sauter lost his Battle with cancer on August 10th 2018. I want to thank everyone for there support and thumbs up and likes, This was the motivation for my father to keep on writing his stories from the waters of lakeiwanttobethere over the years. He was very proud of his work and the people who followed his feed. My dad was a great guy I'm going to miss his stories and our time out on the water going after that next great bass.
  3. I love you Dad!  Bobby bass aka Danny Sauter. My dad loved writing his stories on here from the lodge of lakeiwanttobethere. Unfortunately my day lost his Battle with cancer on August 10th 2018. I would like to thank everyone who ever gave him a thumbs up or a like. It was you guys that gave him the motivation to keep on writing. I'm going to miss his stories. My dad was a good guy and we always had fun out on the lake fishing for that next great bass.  



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