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  1. sbro73

    Lake Cenaiko Thread

    New Dock going up today on the East side of Cenaiko !!!
  2. sbro73

    Lake Cenaiko Thread

    Let's see some pictures of opening day !!! Can't make it , have to work !!!
  3. Way Cool! Congratulations! Just imagine what you have to do on your Anniversary Every Year!!! A guy could not ask for more !!! Tight Lines !!!
  4. Get some Braid, 6/20 or 8/30.
  5. 9 Ft Tackle Industries XH, thats all it takes!
  6. I noticed too, that gander has a new line of the own muskie rods!
  7. sbro73


    Five, combined,(Not more than 3 over 16 inches), with a trout stamp. Zero, without a trout stamp.
  8. Fishing Barbless is the only way to go !!! Been doing it close to 10 years now! It's easy, for the fish and you!!!
  9. sbro73


    Stopped down there about 11:30am, not shoulder to shoulder, but still way too many people for my taste. In the half hour - forty five minutes there, I did not see one fish caught! Bright blue sky, water very clear, they must have been down deep.
  10. Hey, A Hefty Bank account is all you need! You will learn most Muskie Nuts are investing every day! Yup, release tools and good net, is what you need first, the rest will follow! Good Luck and Tight Lines!
  11. Shimano has a muskie spinning rod out there, CPS-M70MH (Thorne Bros.), rated at 3/4 - 2 oz., matched with a Shimano Stradic 5000, I have used this combo for jigging and light stuff like Showgirls. I believe the 6000 and 8000 might be a tad heavy as they weigh in at about 21oz. Plus you will have to wrap your finger or use a glove for protection.
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