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  1. Thank you, that helps a lot.
  2. What is everyone doing on their wheelhouse for speakers? I want to do the 2 outdoor and 4 inside, but I am unsure as to the depth of the speakers. Does everyone make spacers for the ceiling ones? For the outdoor ones do you have a bump out inside the fish house? I am thinking with the wall and the fir strip it will be way too shallow.
  3. Would you be able to post pics of your bed again? I really like that idea, very smart. Would you make any changes on the next one. Should get my firebrand shell this week, lots to do.
  4. Adam, did you make that bunk? I am hopefully getting my shell this week and have been searching for other options for a toy hauler bunk.
  5. riverwader


    Who makes the Firebrand fish houses? Anyone know anything about the fish houses themselves.
  6. I added lock and ride front and rear windshield for the fall and winter. Also I added polaris bumper, but without adding the thunderhawk radiator brace it is useless. I also added the RZR S rear cage extension so I could add the koplin gun boots. It tried the other one that mounts in the box but it bounced around too much.
  7. Not sure about the area myself, but the dnr HSOforum lists only the "fort ripley connection". Spider lake isn't too far away.
  8. Here is the info. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/ohv/trail_detail.html?id=22 There are a lot of trails and roads to ride. You can get twisted around without a map.
  9. riverwader

    MN trips?

    Anyone stay at a resort and rent a cabin or hotel and head out trail riding? Where are some of your favorite areas or resorts. I want to get up to Wildhurst in Finland, but otherwise it is all camping type things.
  10. A friends daughter and boyfriend had a blue clam Yukon fish trap and other items stolen from the back of their truck at the granite city in st cloud. They were coming home from college and stopped to see some friends. Items were Yukon with trap link with a noticeable patch on the top left corner of the door. A strike master 8" auger, Mr. Heater/cooler with 20lb attachment and all their poles and gear. Keep an eye out if you could. The fish house door wont close all the way because of the patch. Thanks for looking!
  11. Check out custom cottage Inc, they have a pic in the gallery of this.
  12. Which lights did you go with? The entire build looks great. Nice and bright inside also.
  13. Here it is but the pictures are gone. http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubb...se_#Post2665536 This one has the pictures from 2006 http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubb...sehu#Post862720
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