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  1. Slyster

    bass through the ice

    Counting down the months!
  2. Slyster

    One rod...if you had to pick

    One rig? 6' medium Ugly Stick with a wacky rigged Senko at the end.
  3. Slyster

    Am I crazy?

    I noticed WBL is still open today... I read in my records that 15 years ago I noticed people ice skating. Crazy how the ice in and out dates and changing.. I lOVE IT!
  4. Slyster

    Bass lakes in the Metro

    White Bear Lake is pretty good if you live in the NE... but very busy. There are bars and such where you can hide out from recreational traffic since it's too shallow for them.
  5. Slyster

    It's a sorry day, I have to sell my Bass boat

    Do you have a photo?
  6. Slyster

    Cold Front Bass

    Since the water warms and cools SO slowly.. wouldn't the fish behavior changes be more from the pressure and not the air temp after a front comes through?
  7. Slyster

    So is Deitz.........

    SO what did he end up getting?
  8. Slyster

    If money were no object?

    If I were YOU.. I'd by Sly's Titanic... 14' Lund.. so Sly can put money down on a new boat!
  9. Slyster

    OH my... Competing hobbies!

    Got out today! 40 bass in 4 hours between two of us.. didnt think about my helicopter ONCE the whole time. ONE more quicky... truly amazing... http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=p8t41avFuCc
  10. Slyster

    OH my... Competing hobbies!

    True. What do you fly? Anyone on here fly R/C helis? Seems such a RARE hobby.. I'd love to meet someone local with this passion! I will also be getting into 'planks' (airplanes) now that I have a good radio. (I currently am flying the Esky Honeybee FP and the Blade 400 3D).. amazing machines.
  11. Slyster

    OH my... Competing hobbies!

    Er.. careful of the second video if your searching the keyword...
  12. Slyster

    OH my... Competing hobbies!

    I have a dilemma.. the last 4 summers I ONLY wanted to fish.. this spring... I fell in love with another hobby... and both require nice, dry, calm days... they CLASH! I only get out fishing now around 1 day per week vs. 4 to 5 last summer. My new hobby is a money sink.. very addictive.. and very very challenging and lots of tinkering time with tiny tiny screws an bearings.... What hobby is that you say? Check this out! Opps... can I keep a YouTube link up? If not (and a mod deletes it) go to Youtube and search 'stock500L'... first video.
  13. Slyster


    Wind is my main enemy... since my two and ONLY two hobbies are bass fishing and r/c helicopters. Arggg.... I need to pick up sailing.
  14. Slyster

    Favorite Senko

    How dare you! Actually.. my 6 y/o daughter does prefer these....
  15. Slyster

    Favorite Senko

    Bubblegum! (see my avatar?) I really do well on those.