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  1. Yep. If you watch In Fish, every now and then, Doug S will be river fishing for cats. Frequently, it is the Miss, right near their office. you probably will not find alot of monsters, but you should be able to find more 5-8 lbers than you can shake a stick at. Tom B
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  3. Ya, a person comes to expect it at boat landings and stuff, but I was hearing it at baitshops. I was asked to sign a no more muskies petition at one of the baitshops. I won't say where, because a couple of years later, the owner apologized for it and said that that employee no longer worked for him. Anyways, I always found the Alexandria area a depressing area to fish. The residents were so opposed that even if you had a great day, you couldn't really tell anyone. I still think it is a great idea. I don't fish muskies as much as I used to, but alot of the public relations lessons that I learned from the world of muskies are just as applicable to dirt bikes (that's what I do most in the summer now.) Tom B
  4. As the water warms, we look for them along shorelines near potential spawning sites. After the spawn, they can be anywhere. We usually fish for them under slipfloats looking for suspended fish. It is also worthwhile to check out weedbeds. Tom B
  5. Back when I was involved in MI, folks raved about how much fun the tourney was. It sounds like the awards dinner is way worth the price of admission. Tom B
  6. If you are tipping your lures with twister tales, try using tubes instead. Tom B
  7. I agree that it is a good idea. Keep in mind though, some people will give you an earful about how terrible muskies are. Be prepared to either let it go, or respond in a kind diplomatic way. I hate to admit it, but I quit saying what I was fishing for in Alexandria back when I fished there. There were a couple of bait store employees that could be downright rude if they knew you were fishing for muskies. Tom B
  8. Father Hennipen is a great state park. We stayed there a couple of times. Nice campsites, walking trails and very close to good early season fishing spots. Tom B
  9. If you are looking along the Miss in SE Minn, be sure to also look at SW Wis. There are some very cool Wis state parks along the river. Tom B
  10. The disadvantage with a tent trailer is that if you put it down wet, you have to bring it home to set up and dry out. I work an event where we go to an area for a month of weekends. We bring campers, tents, etc. About half the time, the guys that bring tent campers have to bring them home to set up and dry them out. Tom B
  11. I don't use boilies anymore. In my experience, they work better for cats than carp. But, if you want to find out on your own, type: carp anglers group into google. They have a message board that has a forum devoted to boilies, fishing them, making them and recipes. My fav is field corn simmered in sugar water with a secret Kool Aid blend. Tom B
  12. We found that a really light tip is very helpful. We rigged up with 12 lb test mono and 8.5 foot salmon rods. We did not use rod holders. We held the rods with a finger on the line and checked our baits a lot. It is not unusual for a fish to suck in the bait and hold it, not moving. Those bites would be impossible to detect with a rod in a rod holder. We caught alot of fish last year. Brianna is pretty bummed that we are not coming up this year. Tom B
  13. You will find that you have better control if you keep your thumb on the very edge or rim of the spool. While I wouldn't do it at your experience level, I removed all the magnets from my reels. They cast a mile. Tom B
  14. or try searching. Someone just asked about Sugar less than a month ago on this forum. Tom B
  15. Add "fw" to the filters/email rules. Anything with "fw" goes to trash. In 14+ years, I have yet to see a forwarded email that was worth the bandwidth that it took to get it to my trash. Tom B
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