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  1. Time to get the crappie rod's ready, wondering what everybody's choice of line is. I like to try different brands, what is your favorite?
  2. Big buddy for me for all the above reasons, sunflower only used in emergencies and then all windows are open. I do like using the sunflower heater inside the fish house in the garage to dry out the canvas after each use.
  3. Sorry for a stupid question guy's, why do some of you feel you need a floor when spearing out of a portable hub house? I've ice fished for over 30 years but have never speared before.
  4. For you hub house guys, what is your seat of choice for fishing, thinking of buying a hub house this year and wondering about the chairs to have to go with it. I have always owned flip over houses.
  5. BartmanMN Do you run premium fuel in yours or regular 87 octane, I have read they get the numbers Ford advertises with premium fuel only, have you found that to be true?
  6. Looking for likes and dislikes from owners of this motor in the F150. Would you current owners buy this motor again in your truck or go with the 5.0? Started looking at 2012-2013 supercrews with the 6.5 foot box and most of them have the EcoBoost motor, what's surprising to me is the amount of trucks that have less than 10,000 miles on them and were not lease vehicles, did they buy them and have problems with the motor? I guess I'm wondering if all the bugs are worked out of them? I pull a 18' Alumacraft.
  7. Exactly, you will never want another roller trailer again in my opinion.
  8. I have been running the Suzuki oil which I believe is a synthetic blend since new, wondering if going full synthetic such as Amsoil would be beneficial at all or a waste of money.
  9. That's good to know DRH, thank you, I'll just do it that way.
  10. I am going to use Amsoil if I switch to synthetic, just didn't know if I could say the brand on here. I switched to Amsoil Sabre in my small 2 stroke motors and love it. My old Jiffy ice auger has never ran this well. Anybody know of a store in the south metro that sells the Amsoil 4 stroke marine oil instead of going to a private dealer? Mills Fleet Farm does not have the 4 stroke marine oil. Thanks for the comments guy's.
  11. Now that the warranty is over on my Suzuki 140, I was thinking of switching to a synthetic 4 stroke oil. I have switched to synthetic in my small 2 stroke engines and they have never ran better. Wondering if it's worth the extra cost and the advantages of using it.
  12. Big Buddy heater runs fine when running on 1 pound propane canisters, but when I hook up to the 5 lb tank with the Mr. Heater hose and filter, it starves out on high and wont stay lit. This has never happened before, do the Mr. Heater filters need to be replaced every few years? It seems to only go out when I turn the heater to high setting. Anybody else had this problem?
  13. I own a 2003 1500 HD that I bought new, it now has about 73,000 miles on it. It has been a great truck, the 6.0 pulls my 18 ft boat great, and has towed anything I have hooked to it. This is not the truck you want if your concerned about gas mileage, I get about 10-11 mpg around town and have never hit the 15 mpg mark on a trip, thats not towing anything I should add. The mileage numbers are from the truck computer, I have never checked it on paper. I love the truck, just wish the mpg were better.
  14. Thanks for the help guys, I would assume it is a shallow sandpoint, we are lakeside and I think the water table is fairly high. I would like to stay in the same spot with the well because it sits outside the cabin in a "dog house" enclosure box. I guess my best option is to pull the old one out and drive a new one. What about the bladder inside the tank, will that ever flush out or will I have to replace the tank?
  15. Had to replace the well pump last spring at the cabin, a "well" guy I hired helped me and we had some problems getting the new one primed. He thought the check valve in the pipe was stuck and was hitting the pipe, which I think started the problem. Once it did start working it was sucking sand and clogging all the faucets and toilet parts. The "well" guy said it the water should run clean after running for awhile, it never did. Can this one be fixed or do I have to pound a new one? I also would assume that the tank is also full of sand. Any help would be appreciated.
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