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  1. The only time I worry about the trolling motor is when I am pulling up to the dock. You go in too fast and run the risk of slamming the head on one of the poles. Happened once.
  2. blindluck

    New house, new pup.... what do i need to be prepared!?!?

    A fenced in area. Hate to be a downer, but since you mentioned the waterfront property you are going to have to be extra watchful during the winter. The GSP is a hunting dog through and through and they will chase a varmint out on to the frozen lake. If the ice is thin they will go through, and then you will be in a world of s&*t. A friend of mine saw some guy drilling holes all over the place while he was out ice fishing. So much so he had to ask him what he was doing. The guy said he was looking for his dog who had chased a muskrat out there.
  3. I wear a pair of LL Bean hiking boots when I go out. Hands down the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I have worn them ALL day before, walking miles on concrete and then later out in the field with no pain or issues. I have had mine for at least 10 years. Some years they have seen more action then others. I am interested to see how they work this year. When they go I will buy another pair. Hopefully the quality today is what it was when they were bought. If the next pair proves to be troublesome I will probably try Irish Setters. They are the Men's Bean's Gore-Tex Cresta Hiker, Leather/Fabric and run $229.00
  4. We own 2 boats and for one reason or another we did not even run one this year. It was removed from storage and just sat. My question is should it go through a winterizing process again, or could it just be placed into storage as is? Should we worry about fuel quality or draining/running it out? It is a new boat with very low hours on the motor. Thank you for your input.
  5. blindluck

    How long should you hunt your dog?

    We exercise our GSPs just about every day off leash out in a prairie area. We usually walk about 1.5 miles or more. Usually by the time a person has walked about 5 miles a dog will start to slow down a bit if the dogs are off leash and running freely. We've walked 8 miles before the dog has really started to tire. Walking them in the prairie area all the time has gotten them used to being in the environment. The tall grasses and such do not seem to bother them at all. We never use a skid plate. Maybe if I saw really bad terrain but they do fine. It was hard for one GSP at first, but after a few tries and a few trips to the vet he now flies through barb wire with ease like our other dogs. Like everything else it is practice. As stated earlier the biggest challenges this time of year should be not letting them overheat and make sure they are getting water. There are treats out there that are like Gatorade for dogs. GSPs kind of solve the conditioning problem themselves because if they do not get exercise they will let you know. They can turn into an unruly mob. Our Pheasant season opens here the 25th. We are headed to our favorite hunting preserve this weekend for 1/2 day hunts on Saturday and Sunday to make sure they are "tuned up" and ready to go. Best of luck to all.
  6. blindluck

    dog ramps

    I've had a couple, don't remember a brand name. I generally just used them when the older dog got out of the truck so he wouldn't jump down. I would recommend the ones that slide together over each other rather than fold together. They are a little less stable but just easier to use.
  7. blindluck

    Pain Relief

    Buffered aspirin here. Usually just one a day. There is also something you can get from the vet to spray into their water that is supposed to help with their limbs and joints. Probably has some glucosamine in it. I forget what it is called.
  8. blindluck

    Anyone going to South Dakota too?

    I was hoping to make a trip to South Dakota some day but it won't be this year with the sound of things. I won't go anywhere in Iowa either. I don't want to waste my time. It'll be game farms again for me. My dogs are only a few years old so I figure it's better for them to see birds rather than not. The way I look at it I'd spend more money in SD than doing the game farm here. Is it hunting? No, but it is a hell of a lot of fun. I love seeing those dogs get birdy.
  9. blindluck

    Tell Me Why we "Need" Wolves??

    I have to stir the pot on this one. Isn't this 100 percent the fault of the dog owner? "According to the report, McGuire stated he and his companions lost contact with their dogs at about 9 a.m. Aug. 6". Wouldn't some e-collars have resolved the situation? How about a gps collar? I have been hunting dog owner for 3 years and haven't had a problem with losing contact with the dogs. They ALWAYS come if I have to give them a bump with the e-collar (with a range of out to a mile) and if we are in a forest exercising them and can't keep eyes on them we turn their beeper on. Although not ideal if you are hunting I would think that the beep alone would scare other wildlife away. If they start to get quiet we call out to them and might give them a bump to come in. I usually run 3 dogs at a time on 2 transmitters. I can see where 9 dogs would be a challenge, but it sounded like they could've given a transmitter to one of their companions. Could've run 6 dogs on 3 transmitters. That would probably work. Maybe if they stay together as a pack you would only need to collar a few of them. I've never used a gps collar but I have looked at them and they definitely would've helped the owner catch up to where the dogs went. I understand that some people don't want to use e-collars and I'm not trying to sell them, but if you are walking a dog into a dangerous area/situation how can you honestly not have one? I used to watch that show Mountain Men on TV but had to stop watching once that "Mountain Man" got his beagle killed. He was always using them to track cougars or wolves or something. I just don't see how in this day and age the owner isn't responsible with the technology that is available.
  10. blindluck

    Clear Lake Iowa Fishing Reports

    I made it up Saturday and Sunday and really crushed the walleyes. There were a lot 13 inchers but it was still fun. The bigger ones were harder to come by, but still got them. I was in 9-12 ft of water and fishing a jig and minnow. Best of luck to all.
  11. ICE is out. Has been for almost a week. I have seen one boat on the lake. Heard they were already catching crappie on the north end.
  12. blindluck

    Game farm pheasant situation this year

    There should be plenty of birds for you. I was at a farm a couple of weeks ago and they still had birds.
  13. blindluck

    Advice needed for Neutering/Stud

    Thank you both for your input. Great stuff to think about. This is my first non-rescue dog and have been feeling a little bit pressured to neuter at an early age. The only reason I would want to breed is for one of his pups down the line. Just never had the option before.
  14. blindluck

    Advice needed for Neutering/Stud

    I have a well bred 7 month old GSP that I am thinking about having neutered. I would like to let him keep keep his balls and put him out to stud, but have no experience with the business. The problem I have right now is that I would not want someone to have a bunch of unwanted puppies or contribute to a puppy mill. That stuff makes me sick to my stomach. I do not have extra room for more puppies. Please advise. Thanks for any info!