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  1. We are looking to plan a trip for a few of us to ride in WI in August. I am looking for some feedback and ideas for places to ride or stay away from. We have ridden in Clark, Jackson, And Washburn County areas. I prefer to avoid trails that consist of roadways. Not looking for a race or somewhere to get into trouble, but would love some good scenery with some somewhat challenging yet passable trails. Looking forward to hearing what all of you have experienced! Dustin
  2. I think they all get like that. I have received one from them under warranty, but I don't think they distribute them anymore. I gave up, and just use bateries now
  3. Good article! One of the better posts I've seen in a long time!
  4. I have an 06 Sportsman 500 EFI HO. I am sitll on the original battery. I have a battery tender, but have only used it on my machine twice. I try to start it monthly if I am not using it more frequently, and I alsways shut it off with the key. Dustin
  5. I have one that I use for racing, and I really like it. I have all intentions on using it while hunting, but haven't had the chance yet.
  6. I would never vote for being able to pay a fee in order to stake claim to stand locations on public property. Before you know it, every inch of public land would be claimed rendering the land unusable by the public.
  7. I've heard that the kolpin fuel packs are good, but have never used one myself
  8. Those things are so ugly!....I love antlers with that much character!!
  9. PJ1 super cleaner works well for cleaning a lot of stuff! I have picked it up at our local Honda dealership.
  10. I have learned in the past, that the filter is likely needed because of the oils that come out of the rubber in that hose that is added between the big buddy and the 20lb tank. Apparently those oils (which come out of most rubber hoses)cause the problems in the buddy. Not sure if it gums it up, plugs it up, or whatever. You may get lucky for a relatively short period of time, but as that hose degrades a little and starts to break down, the oils come out of it and get drawn into the heater.
  11. We had a trip planned to the Cable, WI area for the 13th-16th weekend. Is there any snow around there? Is it even ridable at this point? Thanks! Dustin
  12. Yes, the auger is still available. shoot me an email Dustin thumpwagonp @ hotmail
  13. dustin85


    Another member of this site was generous enough to give me a free hand auger when i was just looking to get into ice fishing, as long as I agreed to pay it forward when I got a better one. Thanks to all kind people like that! By the way, that hand auger is currently available to someone who might need it. Check out the classifides section if you are interested! Dustin thumpwagonp @ hotmail
  14. I have a strikemaster electra. I have drilled 40 holes with it on a single charge. It may or may not drill more than that, I have never checked. I have had it a few years and have not had to replace the battery yet. I have a heated garage and always let it warm up for a few hours before puting the charger on it. I love the fact that it does not stink or leak fluids in the house. For those worried about spending money on an extra battery, consider how much fuel/oil you may be saving vs that spare battery. I love the fact that it is virtually maintenance free since I have a busy schedule and do not want to spend my free time cleaning carbs, etc. When I do get a chance to fish, I enjoy simply pushing the button and drilling holes instead of pulling multiple times to get it started.
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