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  1. cupper

    Waconia advice

    diddo for what asteffes said. I just got off the water and it was slow. I didn't move anything... I tried Kegs, Nelsons, and the east side of the island. I caught one 33" northern by the island on a baby girl. I tried blades and dawgs. My buddy and I were moving fish the first weekend on dcg in Reinke's and on North reef, but we haven't seen any there lately. Good luck and let us know how you do. If you ever want to meet up, shoot me an email and we can hit the water sometime. p.s. I've had good luck with orange and bronze colored lures.
  2. That would be my guess as well. They are coming to you from evening or nite-time feeding areas and getting to a comfy spot to bed down.
  3. cupper

    Backstrap recipes

    Similar to Brittman... we cook'em up fresh the day of harvest as well. Slice them into very thin pieces and sautee them in butter and garlic. I really need to shoot a deer soon.
  4. cupper

    Rut Activity?

    I logged about 36 hours on stand from Friday through Sunday between bow and gun hunting. I did not see one doe being chased. The bucks I saw were checking trails, but they weren't overly active IMO. I only saw one deer between Sat. and Sun. It was VERY slow for our group and I cannot figure out why. I hunt in Houston County.
  5. cupper

    Deer Shot - Need advise on finding it

    Hey RBF, a few qustions first... 1. Was the blood trail in a straight line or was it weaving back and forth as you followed it? 2. Do you have water near by? Ok, I had almost the exact same situation in Sep. I shot a doe a little far back, but she was quartering away. I ended up taking out the liver and one lung. She reacted the same way yours did - trotted off out of sight. I tracked her for about 150 yds with good blood but then it petered out. It went from good blotches every 3-6 feet to dime-sized drops every 30-40 feet towards the end. I was struggling after about an hour of tracking so I went home, called a friend and waited about 1 hour to resume. We went back and my buddy decided to follow what was her percieved path based on following the blood trail and the direction it went. He ended up finding her about 50 yds farther down the trail with almost no blood to guide him. My guess is that you will have a similar result. I think somebody already said it, but start over at the begining of the blood trail so you can get a good sense of her direction. When the blood peters out, continue on that path checking to your left and right (most of the time deer will be a little off the path when they expire). If this does not produce, start making circle searches from the spot of last blood... start with small circles and slowy widen (sometimes deer will double back). Last, and if still nothing, check any water source nearby and listen for crows. Try to stay positive and TAKE YOUR TIME. You will find her, you just have to play CSI now. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  6. cupper

    Taxidermy prep...

    Ok, so I was wondering what is the protocal for what to do when you get a deer and decide you want a mount done. I have never gotten one big enough to put on the wall, but I am hoping that changes soon . What are the do's and don'ts after the harvest to make sure and preserve the deer properly for some taxidermy work? Thanks!
  7. cupper

    All day sitting?

    Shot the best buck of my life at 11:15 am in 2007. I was starting to lose confidence that day is it was supposed to warm-up in the afternoon and I had not seen much activity in the morning. I did some doe-in-heat bleats at 11:00, not 5 min later I heard footfalls coming down the hill. By 11:15 he was on the ground. In the span of 15 min, my thought process went from "This isn't looking good" to "Holy _____ I just killed an awesome buck!" I have been doing all day hunts for the past 8 years or so and I am a believer. I have seen many nice bucks between 11-1. Look at it this way... how many bucks have been shot back at camp eating lunch? I figure even if I don't see anythign, at least I gave it my best effort. Stick with it... it only takes one season and a few minutes to change everything.
  8. cupper


    This probably isn't the safest/most diplomatic approach, but when my old man sees trespassers he is VERY direct and blunt with them about what they are doing and where they need to go. Best part is, they tresspass from state land and they park their vehicles about 300 yds from my parents driveway. After a verbal warning, any following tresspasser ends up driving into town on 4 flat tires. After 4 flat tires and some bent rims, they often decide that a second weekend trip to the area is too expensive. Again, I'm not condoning this but it is effective.
  9. cupper

    October Lull?

    I hunt in SE MN and when I was down the last weekend in Sep., acorns were falling like raindrops and I saw A LOT of deer in the woods. I have never seen that much deer activity deep in the woods this early... usually they're still really working the fields. I have a feeling that with a great acorn crop and tons of ag crop damage from severe storms, the acorns could be very hot for the better part of the season. I think most guys who refer to the October lull are seeing when deer move from fields to acorns in october, but this year I think the acorns have been and will be hot for the majority of pre-rut. Just my .02.
  10. cupper

    Bow stand log

    Got out for the first time this weekend. I was hunting houston county and the deer were on the move. It was beautiful weather and just a blast to be out in the treestand. Acorns were definately the hot-ticket item. I saw 6 deer in two days and ended up taking a doe yesterday morning.
  11. cupper

    Snacks for stand

    For all-day sits, two sandwiches (with whatever lunchmeat is in the fridge), two bananas (quieter to eat than an apple), and two cookies. If I'm only out for a few hours, usually all I bring is some water. Interesting comment about the saran wrap. I always thought that would be louder than a ziplock. I always open my ziplocks as slowly as I can and there is almost no noise. I'll have to experiement with the plastic wrap.
  12. Has anyone noticed the two types of Carbon Express arrows and Gander that are about $15-$20 cheaper than their Maxima Hunter brand. Anybody try these new ones out? Are they cheaper for a reason or are they decent arrows?
  13. cupper

    Well this about explains it all

    AMEN. Good luck and stay safe this season!
  14. cupper

    bow prices-markup

    Taking, for example, a new Mathews bow at around $800. Cost is probably around $500 or a little more. So you can probably figure a markup of around $250-$300.
  15. cupper

    Tonka this morning...

    Thanks for talking me down fellas. I am sorry to hear that you've had similar experiences to mine as of late. I realize I am nowhere near an expert, but I've been fishing this lake long enough to feel confident on several spots especially when the conditions are pointing to a hot bite. Mornings like yesterday make you feel like a moron.