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  1. I hunt on public land in Polk County. This year there were lots of hunters, but mostly along the roads or in a few locations that hunters consider to be prime areas. Lots and lots of WMA, USFWS, WPA land that does not get touched by hunters. Cattail sloughs and prairie don't look as attractive as trees, so everyone hunts the wooded areas, which are usually the WMA's. There's one particular area where I have harvested a number of deer over the years, but no one ever hunts. So I guess I dont' think there's any shortage of places to hunt.
  2. I was at DL last Saturday. You can drive almost anywhere. Watch for pressure ridges. There is tons of water to fish - check at Eds Bait Shop for info about general areas to fish. Fishingbuddy.com has fishing reports, both from individuals and from resorts/bait shops. The walleye bite is usually good in shallow water in evening. If the perch bite is on, it can be unbelievable-lots of 12-14 inchers. Good luck.
  3. Isn't in illegal to use cell phones, walkie talkies, etc. in the taking of game? If so, that would probably include the situation you are describing shortfatguy.
  4. You can get some good pics of the downtown area by going to www.grandforksgov.com/greenway. The water is going down right now, but predicted to have another crest, probably higher, in a couple of weeks.
  5. There is such a disease as cat AIDS. I just learned about this a month or so ago and did some research to find that it is true. Being a cat owner, I wanted to know more, particularly to make sure it was not transmittal to humans (it's not).
  6. Milkdud, I've got about the same kind of rig. One of my favorite areas is around Graham's Island State Park. The boat launch there is excellent, and usually sheltered from the wind. There is good fishing and you can generally find a place to stay out of the heavy wind. Grumpy
  7. Still need volunteers to complete the survey. If you have fished Devils Lake this winter and would be willing to spend about 15-20 minutes filling out a survey, please contact me: Tim Schroeder [email protected] Recreation and Leisure Services Program University of North Dakota P.O. Box 7135 Grand Forks, ND 58202
  8. I still need Devils Lake ice anglers willing to fill out a survey. All those who fill out a survey will be entered in a drawing for a prize provided by the Chamber of Commerce. E-mail your name, surface mail address to me. I'll send you a survey. Thanks. Tim Schroeder University of North Dakota P.O. Box 7135 Grand Forks, ND 58202 [email protected]
  9. Grumpy

    lost pole

    I had a similar experience a few years ago. A sauger bit while I wasn't looking and took my pole down the hole. About 15 minutes later one of my sons said, "Dad, I see a bobber under the ice near my hole." The bobber moved into the hole, I grabbed it, and got the pole back with a 12 inch sauger still hooked.
  10. Fishlips, The wet cycle that has raised Devils Lake has affected Stump Lake also. All that fresh water entering the system has improved water quality to where fish are doing quite well in Stump Lake. Fish and Game stocked it with perch a few years back and they have done quite well. Also Devils Lake is spilling over into Stump, so that plus waterfowl moving between lakes could mean that almost any species could be present, but mainly perch from what I understand.
  11. Grumpy

    Garbage Police

    As far as removing eel pout from the lake, I heard a DNR biologist explain that by removing big eel pout, you just open up a niche for several smaller eel pout. I guess I'd rather catch a big one now and then rather than have 10 smaller ones to bother me.
  12. I am working with the Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce to survey Devils Lake Ice Fishermen. Our goal is to gather information that will help the Devils Lake community and its businesses to better serve the needs of ice anglers. If you have fished Devils Lake this winter, or plan to soon, please volunteer to fill out a survey. To volunteer, send your name and address to: Dr. Tim Schroeder University of North Dakota P.O. Box 7135 Grand Forks, ND 58202 or e-mail to: [email protected]
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