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  1. any idea where to find the shrivers spinnerbaits? Or know of a similar design? I've always been a Rad Dog guy but doing more reed fishing recently and could use a slightly more efficient tool.
  2. I have a couple home built toy hauler / fish houses with fresh wood that need paint. What is the best type? Floors will see snocat & atv traffic.
  3. KING

    Fall Leech Fishing

    Will be headed to Leech in a couple weeks for a multi-species outing. Will be launching at Kabekona so close to Steamboat Bay. Thoughts for a game plan?
  4. KING

    Need some help!!!!

    www.bronzebackbitchez.com that's the snizz right there.
  5. I would love to make it down for this but will not make it. Any chance it will taped and webcast?
  6. I had a couple weekends free up the end of Sept early October. Was thinking of making a Banzi trip to NW South Dakota for an any deer DIY bow hunt. Anybody been out that way recently? I'd appreciate any thoughts, tips etc... Feel free to PM me if you do not want to post publicly
  7. I had a couple weekends free up the end of Sept early October. Was thinking of making a Banzi trip to NW South Dakota for an any deer DIY bow hunt. Anybody been out that way recently? I'd appreciate any thoughts, tips etc... Feel free to PM me if you do not want to post publicly
  8. if anyone has some snapshots of the bottom hardness transition areas i'd sure love to see them and what exactly they look like, rock to sand to mud etc...and how much of a change you are looking for.
  9. KING

    Baitcaster reel

    I'm the KING of cheap... for the types of lures you going to throw i wouldnt be afraid to go ABU Black MAX. For the $100 you could get two. If you want to double as a walleye rod get the Silver MAX with the flipping switch. The Black MAX with a Lightning Rod is about as good as you can get on a budget and will still fish well. other low buck baitcasters - lews, diawa exceller, quantum accurist. for the cast and retrieve baits you mention i'd stay with lower retrieve reels say 6:4:1 to 5:3:1.
  10. the older 6500's are good. and there are lots of aftermarket parts available for them. worth more to fish them than as a collector. even the newer ones typically the worm gear and pall were the items that would wear out. the factory ones were not very durable but the replacement parts were, once you changed them you were typically good for quite awhile. i never had drag issues with mine so I'm not sure you'd need to upgrade it. It is important to relax the drag tension between outing though.
  11. KING

    AGM Battery's

    i'd say yes and yes. they also are not affected by cold. i have switched to AGM's in everything. AGM car batteries usually cost almost double, but the warranty on them is usually double as well. I have Cabelas AGM's as well in my boat and have been good for 6 yrs now i think. Probably going to update this year just for sanity sake. I see there are some new AGM's that are even more expensive and not sure if they are worth it or not. Cabelas, Oddessy, and the Sam's Club AGM's are the one I've heard most about.
  12. i have navionics platinum in my elite 4 mounted on my snowmobile. has 1ft contours for at least Buffalo Bay. Have not been on the Ontario Side yet with it yet. Navionics Gold mapping will be the same as Canadian Hydro maps which is good enough to navigate safely in most of NW Angle instances. Always a surprise here and there. Not sure how it relates to HD as the Elite Series does not support.
  13. proper introduction to core strength exercise at this age (11-13) is perfect. take a 75 pound kid have them jump off a three foot box and he is exerting more force through his body than any weight he / she will be able to lift. proper technique training with proper weights is the key. if you look up acceleration training it is a great place to start. it is about developing acceleration and explosiveness and far from the old bulk up bodybuilding scenarios. an often overlooked benefit is if properly done these types of exercise / training can significantly reduce injuries. and is great confidence builders for youth...also less electronic stimulation time
  14. im going through the same thing now with my right shoulder. kept me from bowhunting and musky casting last fall. went to doc and shoulder injuries are hard to diagnose, spent a couple weeks at physical therapy and was given a prescription anti-inflammatory with limited results. next steps are cortizone injection then MRI specialist. before i do the injection or spend the money on specialist, i decided to expand the rehab on my own, based on the recommendation of a friend. So now I am going on my third week with positive results. Doing a pretty solid cardio workout with a heart rate monitor, 20 min running (treadmill)can substitute elliptical but that has more shoulder movement, 20 min bike, then a cardio weight program with fitness machines, the machines are key for a single shoulder or one weaker one as the machines will not isolate the weaker one as much. Then suppliment with Glucosamine Chondroitin and 800mg Ibu a day. I know several guys that have had success with Glucosamine Chondroitin and / or fish oils for both knee and shoulder pain.
  15. are you sure thats not a bigfoot? ever hear strange tree knocking sounds? looks squatchy to me!!!
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